Yellow Flower Mandala – Pine Barrens (#6)

"Yellow Flower Mandala" by Beth Sawickie

I am honestly very surprised at how this mandala turned out.  When I’m choosing which section of the original picture to use I sometimes “think” I have an idea of what it will look like – but I am usually wrong. I was also uncertain if using a picture with predominately yellow in it would work out well.  I am thrilled with the results!

Here is the original picture:


The original picture was taken in the NJ Pine Barrens (as are most of my pictures). It is a small yellow and orange wildflower.  I found it not too far from Atsion State Park.  It was growing on the side of a dirt road in a damp area.  There were very few of these flowers in that area.

Here is that same flower from a different vantage point:




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