Inspirational Writings

by Beth Sawickie

write to inspire - Beth Sawickie

I write to inspire.

To share my journey.

It has been both trying and tremendously beautiful – and it never ends.

To share lessons learned.

So, so many lessons learned. And, like the journey, the learning is never complete.

My focus is usually on things that will help you increase, what I call, your “Self-Bliss”.

When we realize, accept and act on the fact that WE are responsible for our own happiness – and that happiness only comes from within us individually – then life truly moves from “Blah to Bliss”!

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We Reflect How We Are - Beth Sawickie
Drinking a fresh juice is like flooding your body with liquid sunshine! - Beth Sawickie
Sunrise - Beth Sawickie

Being Grateful for Starting Anew

This is about a journey that sometimes returns to the same…

I Am Thankful - truly I am.

I live in a somewhat small town and we're not all that close…
Positive Changes - Beth Sawickie

Happiness, Peace, Bliss - It All Begins With You! REALLY!

As each day goes by my "message" - what I have to share with…
Seek Bliss Out - Beth Sawickie

Make a Shift - Boost Your Bliss

It was late Saturday afternoon and I was BEAT! I was up…
Sunset Glow 7 by Beth Sawickie

Sunset Stroll - Feb. 23rd - Whitesbog Village

It was COLD! Darn COLD!  Mid-20's with a wind-chill in the mid-teens. I…
Love is natural mandala by Beth Sawickie

Love is Natural

Love IS natural. Love is our natural state of being. Prints…
Electric Sunset by Beth Sawickie

Sunset Stroll - February 6th, 2015

It was looking like it was not going to be a very colorful sunset. Out…
The Currency of Time by Beth Sawickie

What Will You Remember?

Picture this... It is many, many moons from now.... You've…
Let go of the tizziness by Beth Sawickie

Drop the Tizzy! Just Be and Just Breathe

Ever have one of those days when things are just in a tizzy? Everyone…
4 Vain reasons to eat healthy - Beth Sawickie

Go Ahead - Be Vain and Eat Good!

With the start of 2015 I decided to give a go at making some…
Self-Bliss. you are responsible for your own happiness.

Cultivate Your OWN Happiness - Self-Bliss

All too often we look for that bliss everywhere else. In…
Inspirational Writings straight to your inbox! (& product discounts too!)
Updates on new Photos & Mandalas too!