It all starts with Self-Worth.

When we don’t have the life, relationships, body, things that we WANT…. it stems from the fact that we don’t feel WORTHY of them.

For some reason we falsely believe…

  • we’re not good enough.
  • everyone and everything else is more important than us.
  • taking care of everyone else around us is our priority.
  • we don’t deserve good things.
  • focusing on ourselves is selfish.
  • we must sacrifice until we are totally depleted.

These low views of ourselves are completely and utterly UN-TRUE!

Let’s turn the tide, build our Self-Worth and say YES – I AM WORTHY!


  • good things in my life.
  • love.
  • happiness.
  • awesome relationships.
  • feeling fulfilled.
  • putting myself first (so I can then help others).
  • laughter!

Positive affirmations are helpful… but for lasting improvement, you need ACTION!

This is where the “Worthy Me Challenge” comes in.

During the challenge you’ll be encouraged to:

  • Take action daily to build your Self-Worth.
  • Share your experience in the FREE Facebook Group.
  • Ask for support when you need it.
  • Cheer on your fellow participants and share in each others successes.

During the challenge you’ll receive:

  • Support and encouragement from me and fellow participants in a FREE Facebook Group.
  • Periodic e-mails from me with tips on building your self-worth.
  • The possibility of vast improvements in your life as you learn to build your self-worth and claim your power!

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