What Does It Mean to “Choose Balance Now!”?

  • Do you ever feel harried?
  • Life is just one giant blur of things you “have to do”?
  • Something is missing but you don’t know what?
  • You do EVERYTHING for everyone else but still feel depleted?  What is up with that?  Isn’t that what you are “supposed to do”? – help others? give of yourself?
  • You “wish” you could find time to do things that fulfill you – but there is just “not enough hours in the day”.
  • Life just feels out of balance?

I’m here to share with you that there is a better way.  You can choose to slow down just a bit, figure out what is missing and in the process transform your life.

When I say “balance” I am talking about fulfilling innate needs for your mind, body and spirit.  When one (or all) of these is suffering things are off kilter and it shows in your life – how you perceive things, your interactions with others and just anything you do in your daily life – including daily choices.

Balance – It Begins With You

Choosing Balance Now! means taking care of YOUR needs for your body, mind and spirit.  It means putting yourself first so you can have a positive impact on everyone around you.   Think of this – when you have a bad day – what happens?

Balance – It Effects Others Around You

Your bad mood can have a ripple effect that negatively impacts those around you.  The negativity can be further reaching than that too.

Likewise, a happy, healthy and balanced you will lead to better interaction with others.

Balance – It Effects the World

Ghandi said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Change begins with each one of us – it seriously, really, honestly does!  It doesn’t have to do with someone else changing – it is an individual choice.

What kind of world do you want to live in?  One of balance and happiness or one of hap-hazard actions and miserable feelings?

You can “Choose Balance Now!” by:

Balance IS a choice and it is yours to make.

Choosing to make your health, well-being and happiness a priority.  

  • Taking care of your body inside and out
  • Stimulate your mind
  • Feed your spirit

Surround yourself with others who “Choose Balance Now!”  

  • Join us here on this website as we all support each other in leading a balanced life – make comments, ask questions, share your story and help others.
  • Sign the “Choose Balance Now!” pledge and commit to nourishing your mind, body and spirit.

Spread the word and help build a community of fellow “Balancers”

  • Share this site with others (Facebook, Twitter, email, Pinterest…etc.)  Even share our poster.

This site is as much mine as it is yours.  I look forward to building a community with you of like-minded people who support each other as we CHOOSE Balance Now!




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