Thoughts Are Like Sunglasses


We may not realize it, but everything we do and everything we experience  and how we feel is influenced by our thinking.

I sometimes get caught in a loop of negative thinking.  Some nasty self talk can run rampant through my brain.

How do those negative thoughts make me FEEL? Answer: seriously horrible.

What actions do those thoughts and feelings inspire?: um – none!  I’ll stay crawled up on the couch wallowing in misery with my dark shades on.

What if I combat that negative thinking with something that helps me to feel good?  I’ll pick up those slightly rose tinted sun glasses I have and start seeing the world in a kinder light.

So which sun glasses are you choosing to put on?

  • The ones that make things so dark that you can barely see.  Everything looks muted, gray – just totally blah.
  • Those special ones you see on the TV info-mercials – high definition.  They make everything crisper and easy to see.  With these you can see the lessons to be learned through life  –  even the ‘bad’ things have something to teach us if we will only look.
  • The anti-glare sunglasses that make bright headlights easier to look at.  Have you ever been effected by someone elses bright headlights?  They can hurt your eyes and mess with your vision a bit at night.  Anti-glare sunglasses to the rescue – these help make what could be an uncomfortable situation more palatable.
  • Maybe your sunglasses are old, out-dated, worn and have scratches all over them.  You can’t see clearly through them.  That is like having old, untrue thoughts that negatively affect us – time to replace ’em!
  • Mine have a slight rose tint to them.  I love looking at the sky with them because they always enhance little wisps of clouds in the sky – and also  – I like pink 🙂  These bring out the subtle things to enjoy in everyday life.

There are all sorts of sunglasses that can cloud or enhance your vision.

Likewise, there are myriads of thoughts to be thinking – are you choosing ones that make life seem gloomy or ones that help you see that life isn’t so bad after all – in fact – it can be GREAT – it is all in how you view it.

Now it’s your turn…

Which pair of sunglasses do you wear most often?

What tips do you have for choosing better thoughts?

Let me know in the comments below…



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