Tall Twin Pines


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I enjoy looking up into the trees.  These two really caught my eye.  They are almost twins!  If you were to look at them from a far off distance they may even appear to be one tree.

I find it interesting how they share the same space so nicely.  From a scientific perspective their branches grew the way they did so each could have optimal light.  It would do no good for them to grow their branches into each other. Interesting how they just “know” what to do.

What could I learn from these “Tall Twin Pines”?

Even if surrounded by a forest of trees growing the “normal” way (branches stretching out on all sides) – it is ok to branch out in the direction that is best for you.  I’ve been working letting myself be guided by what feels good.  The challenge, for me, has been actually allowing myself to be open to and aware of that good feeling.  I’m going to think of that good feeling more as…where do I need to stretch towards to feel the warm glow of sunlight?




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