Out to the Foggy Sea Through Barnegat Inlet

Doug, Soc and I went to Island Beach State Park today (Feb. 19, 2014).  It rained all morning and was supposed to clear by mid afternoon.  The rain pretty much stopped but the fog persisted.  We decided to head “down the shore” to Island Beach State Park in hopes of seeing some foxes and that darn elusive Snowy Owl!

No foxes or owls for us.  What we DID get to see was miles and miles of beaches with no one else around.  The waves were crashing constantly causing quite a beautiful ruckus.  I was very surprised to see this fishing vessel heading out to sea shortly before sunset.

A fishing vessel heads out of Barnegat Bay into the Atlantic Ocean in New Jersey.  As seen from Island Beach State Park.

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Image by Beth Sawickie. "Out to the Foggy Sea - Barnegat Inlet"