The View From Here

Taken at Historic Smithville Park, Mount Holly, NJ.

Prints are available HERE.
Image by Beth Sawickie "The View From Here"


This picture somewhat reflects where I feel I’m at in my life right now.  I’m where I want to be – almost.  There is this wall in between me and where I’d like to be.  The wall is old, crumbling but still persistently standing.  It was hand-crafted and lovingly built a long time ago.  Even though the wall is no longer part of an enclosed room, somehow it still manages to keep me confined.  The funny thing is, that the destination on the other side of the wall is also on this side.  The trees are growing on both sides, the sky is above it all. Yet I still stand perplexed, looking at “The View From Here” and feeling stuck.  Perhaps I could just take several steps to the side, where the view is not obstructed, the view is different and everything flows together.