The Currency of Time by Beth Sawickie

What Will You Remember?

The Currency of Time by Beth Sawickie

Picture this…

It is many, many moons from now….

You’ve lived a long, long life and it is heading towards it’s natural end.

You’ll be moving on to whatever is/isn’t next.

Vacating the skin suit and bag o’ bones you’ve been embodying and moving out into the ether.

Going to see that “Spirit in the Sky” perhaps.

But before you do… you have the gift of limited time to ponder and reflect on your many years on this planet.

You have LIMITED time to reflect on your life…. what will it be?

  • How that gal cut you off on the way to work in 1997?
  • The unfair late fee you got when you paid your bill at 12:01 am?
  • That heated argument you had with your spouse over you don’t even remember what?
  • The 3rd time when the Barista at the coffee shop got your order wrong?

Or how about… GREAT memories – happy times – things that made you FEEL GOOD.

Things that bring a smile to your face just thinking about them!

Speaking of… have you ever been replaying something funny in your head and you accidentally laugh out loud – in front of other people who think you’ve just totally gone off your rocker?  (no?  me neither – LOL).

What are those things that will bring a smile to your face?

Here are a few of mine:

  • Spending an evening sitting alone on a beach – hearing the waves crash and watching the setting sun light up the sky in brilliant hot pink.  Placing my hands on the cool, damp sand and feeling connected to the energy of the Earth. Breathing in the salty ocean air.
  • Curling up for a nap with my dog and cats on a cool winter’s evening under a warm soft blanket with a cup of hot chocolate.
  • All those times I got to share true happiness, joy and laughter with friends – side-splitting – pee in your pants laughter!
  • The joy of seeing the first flowers of spring.
  • True Jersey Shore pizza (a GIANT slice – from the Sawmill in Seaside).

Just writing about all of those above memories brings me to tears (of true joy).

And then, it hits me – duh!

All that other B.S. doesn’t really matter.  Sure, I can be pissed, upset or angry when it happens.  But then, I need to let it go and move towards things that make me feel good.

We are all living on limited time RIGHT NOW!

None of us is guaranteed tomorrow – no one – no matter how much stature, money or power we have (or don’t have).

Time IS the great equalizer!

Tweet it!

The next time something really ‘gets your goat’….

  • acknowledge it.
  • feel the feeling (anger, disappointment or whatever).
  • ask yourself if it is something you’d choose spend your LIMITED TIME focusing on or talking about.
  • does it make you FEEL good?
  • then LET IT GO!
  • remember those things that make you laugh out loud in a room full of quiet people! and go ahead – Laugh out loud! and move towards something that makes you FEEL GOOD!

What are some of the Feel Good things that you choose to spend your limited time on?  I wanna know – share ’em below 🙂