What to do when giving makes you feel burned out

How To Give Without Feeling Drained, Burned Out and Angry

In this podcast Beth explains why giving can leave you feeling drained, burned out and maybe even angry. She shows you how you can give and truly feel GREAT! It’s not what you think!

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Hi, this is Beth Sawickie from and I’d like to welcome you to the Thriving After Life Kicks Your Butt Podcast. Where we get back to feeling great, loving life and thriving.

Today I want to talk to you about why giving leaves you feeling drained and it might even leave you feeling angry or pissed off.

You might not want to admit it because we are all supposed to give of ourselves and help others – right? And the more we give to others the more we are supposed to receive in return and the better we are supposed to feel.  But to be quite honest, if you’re like me, sometimes you’ve been in positions where you are giving and giving and giving and you just feel like crap. You feel depleted, you feel worn out, you feel used up.  Eventually you might feel pissed off because you are giving all this and why aren’t you getting it back?

Now – what I also want to explain to you is how you can feel great. Not just the surface thing of ‘look at me I’m doing a good deed’ thing – but really, truly feel great deep down in your soul.

I’m going to explain it to you using a little analogy here.

Think of yourself as a well.  You know like the wells that people go and they get fresh water out from? When I picture a well, I picture the older style wells that have – it’s built up with the rocks and it’s circular.


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Beth Sawickie is a survivor of depression and Bipolar II Disorder who has learned to THRIVE by making her mental, physical and spiritual health top priorities. Beth helps and inspires others get back to thriving after life has kicked their butt!

Beth’s Story: Getting Back to Thriving After Depression

In this podcast Beth shares her story of surviving depression and bipolar II disorder – and getting back to thriving!

Learn the 4-G’s of Feelin’ Good (Goin’, Greens, Givin’ & Gratitude) here.

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Hi, I’m Beth Sawickie and I want to welcome you to the Thriving After Life Kicks Your Butt Podcast. I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself in this podcast: where I’ve been, where I’m at now and where I’m headed and how I can help you get back to thriving after life has kicked your butt. I want to see you get back to feeling great, loving life and thriving. It is possible.

So, a little bit about me, well, I’ve realized that my purpose is actually to thrive after depression and bipolar two disorder by making my mental, physical and spiritual health top priorities and I really want to inspire you to do the same. Now, it’s been a long time coming to get me to this point. Back when I was fifteen or so, I believe, is when my depression actually started, but it wasn’t until many, many years later – fifteen and over – that I actually found out what the problem was and got proper treatment and everything, so it’s been a crazy ride through that – tons of highs and tons of lows.

I’d say I was a sad clown on a crazy, run-away rollercoaster. If you know anybody who’s gone through this, you know it is very challenging and it’s not always that somebody comes out the other end and I’m very grateful that I have, so where I’m at now is: I’ve been good with consistently staying on my meds and seeing a therapist for a number of years now and life is good, but I realize that I needed to do something more – like therapy and meds were not the whole puzzle, they were just pieces of the puzzle – so, I realized that I needed to seriously take an active role – be an active participant – in my mental and physical health – and spiritual health too.

But, I didn’t know where to start, like I would go and be like, “Okay, I’m gunna do this crazy health routine. I’m going to go and juice for six months and, you know, I’m gunna go and, you know, and just do something for a long time,” and what would happen is that it just didn’t work well for me, so I realized that I was learning a lot of good self-help techniques and stuff, but what I needed were just simple strategies. I didn’t need something that was, like, an all-consuming crazy thing. I just need some simple things to help me stay feeling good and healthy.

So, what I started doing is what I call the Four Gs of Feeling Good: going, greens, give in and gratitude where every day I move my body somehow. Maybe it’s a walk or I go to yoga – I do something – and every day I strive to eat more greens and keep those in my diet – whether it’s juicing, smoothies or a salad – and every day giving and not just others, but also to myself. I’ve had to learn to really cut myself a break and be kind to myself and gratitude. Every day I sit down in the evening and I write down at least three things that I’m grateful for and you’d be amazed and just how doing that can really just bring things into perspective and open you up to the good in your life that you maybe didn’t realize was there. Even if you can’t think of what to write and you just write, you know, I’m grateful to be able to breathe in and out because that, in and of itself, is a miracle.

Now, through doing this I also was able to reconnect to myself and ignite passions that I didn’t know I had and when I started out I just was like, “Oh, I don’t know what I’m passionate about. I don’t know what I really enjoy doing so much,” but, through doing the Four G process, I discovered that I love photography – nature photography – and being creative with photographs and digital art, so that’s something that I post on my website from time to time are new creations of mine and I’ve also, you know, rediscovered my love of nature and gardening and, you know, it’s just been great, so now I’m really in a much better place. I’m much more balanced and happier and my life is pretty darn good.

I take care of myself – body, mind and soul – and I’m always looking for new ways to take care of myself in that way and I’ve made my self-care a priority. I’m definitely a work-in-progress and I’m always, you know, finding new ways to improve and, you know, as long as each day is better – a bit – than the one before or just as good I’m happy, so that’s my story and I’d love to hear yours, so come visit me at That’s and go get your copy of Get Back on the Feel Good Train: Simple Strategies to Help Get You Back on Track – it’s free on my website and it’ll help you get started with the Four Gs, which are really simple, and there’s also a free journal sheet included, so you can log them each day.

‘Kay, come see me on the web – – also Facebook – Beth Sawickie – and I’ll see you around. Thank-you for listening to the Thriving After Life Kicks Your Butt Podcast. I’m choosing to feel good, thrive and live life and I hope you are too.


Beth Sawickie is a survivor of depression and Bipolar II Disorder who has learned to THRIVE by making her mental, physical and spiritual health top priorities. Beth helps and inspires others get back to thriving after life has kicked their butt! Read more about her here.

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