Receiving Thanks Pocket Affirmations by Beth Sawickie

I Receive Thanks With An Open Heart – Affirmation Transformation

Sure you can GIVE thanks, gratitude and compliments to others – But how are you at truly RECEIVING them?

How to use this video:
Think about receiving thanks – truly receiving it into your heart – feel the warmth. Hold that feeling as you watch the video.
Follow along with the video and say the affirmation along with it.
Say it with FEELING.

For full effect, repeat at least 30 times – several times a day.

Use the matching “Pocket Affirmations” to remind you of that feeling of RECEIVING thanks throughout the day.

Receiving Thanks Pocket Affirmations by Beth Sawickie

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Giving Thanks Can Be Easy -

How To Receive Thanks From Others As Well As You Give It

Giving Thanks Can Be Easy -

In this podcast Beth shares inspiration to help you learn to receive thanks, gratitude and compliments from others as well as you give them to others.

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Here is the .mp3 which you can download:

Begin Transcript:
Hi, I’m Beth from and I’d like to welcome  you to the Thriving After Life Kicks Your Butt Podcast. Where you’re inspired to take action towards feeling great, loving life and THRIVING! by being an active participant in your overall well-being – body, mind and soul.
Today I’d like to talk with you about receiving thanks, gratitude and compliments.
We can all give thanks, show gratitude and share compliments – that can be particularly easy to do.
(Note: Being grateful is part of what we go over in the “From Blah to Bliss” mini course and part of the 4-G’s of Feelin’ Good)
You can be thankful for a wonderful turkey dinner on Thanksgiving – a time here in the U.S. where we reflect on what we are thankful for.
Thankful for family and friends.
Thankful for kindness shown by a stranger.
Compliment someone on a job well done, a nice outfit, even a new haircut.
But what about RECEIVING thanks? What about that?
 Are you like I was? Where receiving thanks from someone else practically makes your stomach turn?
What the heck is that all about?
For me, there were several things…all of which revolved around self-worth.
– I didn’t like attention drawn to me.
– Deep down I guess I feltl not worthy of praise.
– I took being humble to an extreme where I ended up de-valuing myself.  A definition of humble “having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.” That’s not too far off from de-valuing yourself or having low self-worth in my book.
– I’d even feel that their gratitude was not sincere and must be a joke. (now THAT is bad!)
Can you think of why you would deflect thanks?
When you think about it – deflecting thanks just doesn’t make sense.
Especially if you say that you WANT good things in your life.
You WANT things to be grateful for.
But then when good things come your way in the form of sincere gratitude you block it.
You put your hands up, up your defenses and block that bit of goodness from truly reaching you.
I have a vision of Wonder Woman (my FAVORITE super hero) crossing her wrists with the bracelets in front of her face to deflect an attack.
You don’t allow yourself to feel the good feelings, the love that comes along with sincere thanks.
So what can you do to stop deflecting thanks and truly receive it?
Deflecting thanks is a habit – an ingrained habit – that will take some mindfulness to change.
First, remind yourself that you are worthy of receiving thanks, gratitude and compliments.  Remind yourself often – make it your new mantra!
“I am worthy of love” – because any thanks/gratitude/compliment is a form of love flowing to you. And also say “I receive thanks, gratitude and compliments with an open heart”.
Head on over to the blog post for this podcast and download the free “affirmation transformation” cards for both of those affirmations – and there’s a video with each affirmation too.
Pay attention to what you do when some thanks, gratitude or a compliment comes your way.
Watch for that knee-jerk reaction of –
“oh it was nothing”, “I didn’t do anything”, or insert your favorite deflective statement here.
It will probably flow out of your mouth before you even realize what you’re saying.
Honestly, I STILL sometimes have that knee-jerk reaction – then afterwards I’m like “duh! why the heck didn’t you accept that thanks?”
When that happens – first – don’t beat yourself up about it.  Remember to be as kind to yourself as you would to anyone else.
Acknowledge that it’s your ingrained habit at work – and remind yourself to be more mindful next time.
Second, if the giver of the thanks is still nearby – you could let them know that you appreciate their thanks/gratitude/compliment.
“Hey so-and-so, you paid me a compliment a minute ago – I appreciate it and I want to say thank you.”
That’ll put a smile on both of your faces.
The key point here is to NOT beat yourself up for falling back into an old familiar pattern of deflecting thanks.
If you need a little bit more of a push to open your heart to receiving…. let’s re-frame this deflection problem this way….
Receiving thanks with an open heart is a gift to both the receiver AND the giver.
How would you like to give thanks to someone and have it deflected back?
How about a heart-felt gift that you give someone – then they don’t even open it, they just hand it back to you and say “no thank you”.
How would that make you (as a giver) feel?
Each time you deflect someones heart-felt thanks, gratitude or compliment you are, in essence, handing their still wrapped gift back to them.
Don’t hand back gifts – open them, cherish them and give a heart felt thank you.
If nothing else… remember this…
You are worthy of love – Open your heart to receiving it in all it’s forms – including thanks, gratitude and compliments.
Don’t forget to download your “affirmation transformation” cards and videos.
And sign up for the free “From Blah to Bliss” mini-course where you’ll experience the answer to the question…. “what would happen if you treated yourself just as well as you treat everyone else?”
I’d like to thank you for listening to the Thriving After Life Kicks Your Butt Podcast.
I’m choosing to feel great, love life & THRIVE and I hope you are too!

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What to do when giving makes you feel burned out

How To Give Without Feeling Drained, Burned Out and Angry

In this podcast Beth explains why giving can leave you feeling drained, burned out and maybe even angry. She shows you how you can give and truly feel GREAT! It’s not what you think!

Here is the .mp3 which you can download:

Begin transcript:

Hi, this is Beth Sawickie from and I’d like to welcome you to the Thriving After Life Kicks Your Butt Podcast. Where we get back to feeling great, loving life and thriving.

Today I want to talk to you about why giving leaves you feeling drained and it might even leave you feeling angry or pissed off.

You might not want to admit it because we are all supposed to give of ourselves and help others – right? And the more we give to others the more we are supposed to receive in return and the better we are supposed to feel.  But to be quite honest, if you’re like me, sometimes you’ve been in positions where you are giving and giving and giving and you just feel like crap. You feel depleted, you feel worn out, you feel used up.  Eventually you might feel pissed off because you are giving all this and why aren’t you getting it back?

Now – what I also want to explain to you is how you can feel great. Not just the surface thing of ‘look at me I’m doing a good deed’ thing – but really, truly feel great deep down in your soul.

I’m going to explain it to you using a little analogy here.

Think of yourself as a well.  You know like the wells that people go and they get fresh water out from? When I picture a well, I picture the older style wells that have – it’s built up with the rocks and it’s circular.


** Rest of transcript coming soon ***

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Beth Sawickie is a survivor of depression and Bipolar II Disorder who has learned to THRIVE by making her mental, physical and spiritual health top priorities. Beth helps and inspires others get back to thriving after life has kicked their butt!

13 Ways Decrease Self-Worth

13 Ways to Guarantee That Your Self-Worth Stays Shoved Down in the Toilet And How to Scoop It Out Without Getting Poop on Your Hands

13 Ways Decrease Self-Worth


I certainly got an A+ in the “De-Valuing Yourself 101” class – I spent years studying and learned from some of the best (or is it worst?).

Here are 13 of the best ways I have learned to shove my Self-Worth down the toilet….and what I have learned to do instead to build my Self-Worth and show the world that I DO value myself.

  1. Your #1 priority is to focus on what others need and provide it for them – disregarding yourself.
  2. You believe that no one gets what they want out of life – especially you – it never works out for you!
    • What if… you took the time to figure out what it is that you truly want out of life. The Universe can’t help you get what you don’t define. Then you take steps (even baby steps) in that direction.  No one can stop you!
  3. You go through your days reacting to everything around youyou are not happy/fulfilled because of all the things/people/circumstances around you.
    • What if… you check-in with yourself and ask “is this helping me get to where I want to be?” (if not – you stop it and course correct!)
  4. You squash any hunches or gut feelings you have – that’s all woo-woo stuff anyway – you live in the REAL world.  And besides, everyone else knows better than you do.
    • What if… you trust your intuition – your gut – just this once to try it out.  It gets easier the more you tune in to it.
  5. You grab whatever is available to eat and mindlessly chomp it down – fast, convenient, processed food – you don’t have time to cook, let alone learn about what is in your food.  Besides, you like the way it tastes – it makes you happy – food has become a drug that dulls the pain.  Just like everyone else, the weight slowly creeps on – you believe it is normal for your body to break down as you get older – and it does.
    • What if… you treat your body like the temple to the soul that it is – a marvelous gift that allows us to experience all this world has to offer.  You know that if you treat your body well through, excellent nutrition and exercise, it will reward you with health and vitality.
  6. Indulging in some pampering that makes you feel good (ie. manicure, hair cut, massage) is not for you – maybe when you get a raise, pay off the credit card, get a gift certificate – how could you splurge on that when you NEED the money for something else?  If you DO splurge you feel guilty.
    • What if… you choose pamper yourself ‘just because’.  You know that when you do things that make you feel good, then that good flows out into the rest of your life.  You choose to spend some money on yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT!
  7. You spend the majority of your day sitting and the evenings laying on the couch and it shows.  Your body has excess pounds on it and, well, that is just the way it is – and pass the Ben & Jerry’s please (my favorite is vanilla Heath Bar)!
    • What if… you move your body every day – start with a 10 minute walk.  Then you realize you FEEL better after getting your body moving.  Getting up and moving becomes more pleasurable than loafing and mindlessly eating empty calories (it CAN happen!).
  8. You get consumed by those nasty gremlins in your head- fear, doubt, uncertainty, all the what-if’s, should-of’s, could-of’s – it is a never-ending chorus of negativity.
    • What if… you practice being in the NOW.  When the gremlins show up, let them pass by.  They won’t come to bother you as much if you don’t feed them.
  9. When others around you are grumpy, pissed-off or just plain rude you just know it is because of you – you must have done SOMETHING to upset them.  Then you replay every word, action and glance from the last 3 weeks in your head over and over and over.
    • What if… you know that other people’s negativity, attitude or grumpiness has nothing to do with you.  In fact, they are actually thinking of YOU much, much less than you think they are. They are fighting their own battles.  Send them love.
  10. You must be going, doing, multi-tasking and accomplishing something from the minute you get up to the minute you go to sleep.  Go, go, go!  Hard work = success. No rest for the weary is your motto.
    • What if… you allow yourself to “just be” – seriously – still, quiet with NOTHING going on.  Remember? Like you may have done during summer vacations as a kid when the days seemed to last forever? And you realize that doing nothing actually helps you to accomplish more of what is truly important and meaningful to you.
  11. You beat yourself up internally – the little voice in your head criticizes you constantly – you shouldn’t have done that, said that…OMG what will they think of that? You aren’t good enough, you don’t do enough…etc.
    • What if… you are kind and gentle with yourself.  You know you are WORTH treating just as nicely as you would your loved ones (because you DO love yourself.)
  12. You complain about everything and swim in negativity (in the deep end of the pool) – everything sucks, nothing ever goes right, you expect the worst – always – there is NOTHING to be thankful for.
    • What if… You actively look for the good even if it’s just little stuff at first – a smile, a sunset, a bird singing, the close parking spot you got, breathing? You show gratitude for all things in life – even the crappy stuff because you know there is something to be learned from it and that you’ll emerge a better person – you are thankful for the lessons.  You know that gratitude is like telling the Universe…”I’d like more of that, please.”
  13. You believe that bad things always happen to you, they bring you down and then punch you with more of the same.
    • What if… you choose to believe that bad things don’t happen TO you – they happen FOR you to learn something, grow and move forward an even better person.  You are NOT a victim – you are a student of life.

What if… you chose to build your Self-Worth a bit each day?

You know you may slip into old ways from time to time, but that is ok – you just pick yourself up and move forward again.

One thing I’ve done to help myself feel good is the “4-G’s of Feeling Good” – Goin’ (moving my body every day), Greens (eating veggies), Giving (to myself and others), Gratitude (always!).  Learn more about the 4-G’s HERE.

Every step makes your world a bit brighter.

Life gets better and more good things happen for you.  It’s a very nice positive cycle to be in – join me!

Over to YOU…

What ways of de-valuing yourself would you add to the list?

What do you do to build your Self-Worth?

Please leave a comment below.

And – hey – if you know someone who would benefit from this article… please pass it along to them.  Tweet, Pin, Post, Like, Share…etc, etc, etc!

Considerate vs depriving

Do you choose scratchy napkins instead of tissues?

Considerate vs depriving’m driving in the truck with my boyfriend the other day.  Like usual, I had to blow my nose.  In the center counsel we usually have a collection of misc. crap – including napkins (usually from Dunkin’ Donuts) and at least 1 little pocket pack of tissues.


Most of the time – I end up using a napkin – not because I had to suddenly sneeze and grabbed for the first thing.  But because I am leaving the tissues for someone else to use.  Or maybe there will be a day when I really need a tissue instead of a napkin and today isn’t that day. (what?)


And you know what I realized?  Those SAME (SAME!) 2 packs of pocket tissues have been sitting in the truck for at LEAST a year now!  No one else has used them.  My boyfriend usually has very sudden sneezes and barely gets enough warning to grab for a napkin, let alone pick up the tissue pack and pull one out of it.


It has long been something I noticed about myself that I will often leave something good for someone else.


Maybe someone else will want to eat that food item – I’ll leave it for them even though I would enjoy eating it now.  Fast forward and it sits, no one eats it, it spoils and gets thrown out.


There is a line between being kind and considerate of others vs. depriving yourself of good things because you feel others are more deserving.


There are little ways throughout the day that we devalue ourselves.

And some of these also perpetuate a belief of lack.

Not only a lack of love for oneself… But a lack of beliefLack of faith that more goodness –  more of what you need…. More of what you WANT… will flow your way.


Lack of being worthy to use that last tissue instead of leaving it for someone else.  Seriously!  You are here – right NOW – and YOU need a tissue.  Right now there is a perfectly good one available to you and what do you do? – You grab for the thin, rough tissue that you’ll literally blow through and it will make your nose hurt too!


All because someone else might need that tissue.


If you’re having trouble feeling worthy of the tissue…. Let’s look at it a different way.  What if someone really needed that napkin?  Then you, are taking away their napkin.


So… use what you have NOW.  Use what you NEED.  Trust that there is MORE where that came from. Use what you DESERVE & be GRATEFUL that it is there for YOU.


Grab that last tissue and BLOW!

That’s what I did!

Remember…  Treat yourself as EXCELLENT as you do everyone else and watch your world change for the better!
Join me in being a Self-Care Star!

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