Receiving Thanks Pocket Affirmations by Beth Sawickie

I Receive Thanks With An Open Heart – Affirmation Transformation

Sure you can GIVE thanks, gratitude and compliments to others – But how are you at truly RECEIVING them?

How to use this video:
Think about receiving thanks – truly receiving it into your heart – feel the warmth. Hold that feeling as you watch the video.
Follow along with the video and say the affirmation along with it.
Say it with FEELING.

For full effect, repeat at least 30 times – several times a day.

Use the matching “Pocket Affirmations” to remind you of that feeling of RECEIVING thanks throughout the day.

Receiving Thanks Pocket Affirmations by Beth Sawickie

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Considerate vs depriving

Do you choose scratchy napkins instead of tissues?

Considerate vs depriving’m driving in the truck with my boyfriend the other day.  Like usual, I had to blow my nose.  In the center counsel we usually have a collection of misc. crap – including napkins (usually from Dunkin’ Donuts) and at least 1 little pocket pack of tissues.


Most of the time – I end up using a napkin – not because I had to suddenly sneeze and grabbed for the first thing.  But because I am leaving the tissues for someone else to use.  Or maybe there will be a day when I really need a tissue instead of a napkin and today isn’t that day. (what?)


And you know what I realized?  Those SAME (SAME!) 2 packs of pocket tissues have been sitting in the truck for at LEAST a year now!  No one else has used them.  My boyfriend usually has very sudden sneezes and barely gets enough warning to grab for a napkin, let alone pick up the tissue pack and pull one out of it.


It has long been something I noticed about myself that I will often leave something good for someone else.


Maybe someone else will want to eat that food item – I’ll leave it for them even though I would enjoy eating it now.  Fast forward and it sits, no one eats it, it spoils and gets thrown out.


There is a line between being kind and considerate of others vs. depriving yourself of good things because you feel others are more deserving.


There are little ways throughout the day that we devalue ourselves.

And some of these also perpetuate a belief of lack.

Not only a lack of love for oneself… But a lack of beliefLack of faith that more goodness –  more of what you need…. More of what you WANT… will flow your way.


Lack of being worthy to use that last tissue instead of leaving it for someone else.  Seriously!  You are here – right NOW – and YOU need a tissue.  Right now there is a perfectly good one available to you and what do you do? – You grab for the thin, rough tissue that you’ll literally blow through and it will make your nose hurt too!


All because someone else might need that tissue.


If you’re having trouble feeling worthy of the tissue…. Let’s look at it a different way.  What if someone really needed that napkin?  Then you, are taking away their napkin.


So… use what you have NOW.  Use what you NEED.  Trust that there is MORE where that came from. Use what you DESERVE & be GRATEFUL that it is there for YOU.


Grab that last tissue and BLOW!

That’s what I did!

Remember…  Treat yourself as EXCELLENT as you do everyone else and watch your world change for the better!
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