Peering Into the Garden from the Dark Depths of the Forest


I got to spend part of a day wandering joyously though some local gardens (Sayen Gardens in Hamilton, NJ).  Filled with beautiful plantings, meandering trails and lots of “secret” nooks and crannies.

I started wandering down this trail – I had to duck under some branches to follow it – my initial impressions were that it was dark, dingy even and not as exciting as the bright open path I had been on.  Then I turned to my left and saw the view I captured with my camera.

This photo reminds me that even though I may be on a dark path temporarily …I just need to look around for the brightness of hope and love shining in the distance.  It is always there – and it is reachable.  Even if it were night, moonlight would be illuminating that same spot.

Peering Into the Garden image by Beth Sawickie

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