Color Explosion Sunset by Beth Sawickie

Color Explosion Sunset

Color Explosion Sunset by Beth Sawickie

It was a cold November day, just a bit before Thanksgiving.

The colorful leaf display of fall had come and gone.

Did I mention it was COLD ? Bone-chillin’ cold.

Bearing the low temps was worth it to get to see this awesome sunset!

I almost missed it though!  I had peaked out the window a bit earlier and saw some pink – nice… but I still didn’t think there was going to be a fabulous display.

Then a bit later I looked outside and – WOW! – everything was glowing pink/orange!

I grabbed my camera, jumped in the car and drove down the road to the bridge – and I caught it 🙂

It was so stunning that I didn’t even realize that I only had a light jacket on and thin pants – not my usual attire for a chilly sunset.

I hope you enjoy it too! (from the warmth of your home).

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Sunset Cloud Reflection Feb 28 2015 - Beth Sawickie

Sunset Stroll – February 28, 2015

Sunset Cloud Reflection Feb 28 2015 - Beth Sawickie

I was thrilled to be watching the sun set among these awesome clouds!

This is “Cloud Deck Reflected at Sunset” – Buy prints, cards and gifts HERE.

More photos from this sunset stroll will be posted here soon!

Here’s a brief video I shot of the sunset:

There’s a blog post that goes along with what I talked about in the video (Boosting Your Bliss).  Read “Make a Shift – Boost Your Bliss” HERE.

I look forward to sharing more photos with you.

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Electric Sunset by Beth Sawickie

Sunset Stroll – February 6th, 2015

It was looking like it was not going to be a very colorful sunset.

Out my window I could see a low band of dark clouds along the horizon – usually a sign that whatever color would pop would be mostly blocked by ’em.

Besides – it was darn cold out (again) – mid-20’s.

So I went on my merry way doing whatever it was – oh yeah – cooking dinner.

Took a quick peak out the window and – WHOA!

Purple, pink, blue, orange!  Holy NUTS!

Dinner could wait! This sunset was a once in a lifetime opportunity! (you never see the same one twice).

I turned off the burner on the rice and luckily hadn’t started anything else yet.

I made it down the road to the bridge in time to watch the stunning sunset!

You can see a bit of it in this video here:

I was sitting on the frozen sand on the shoreline of the frozen lake.

I was in awe of the beautiful color show and didn’t realize just how COLD my rear end was getting!  LOL.

Here are my favorite photos from the sunset:

Electric Sunset by Beth Sawickie

Electric Sunset

This is by far my favorite photo of the evening. (above)

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Sunset February 6 #1 by Beth Sawickie

The colors were truly spectacular!  Not only were they reflecting off of the open water – but also the ice.

Sunset Reflected on Ice by Beth Sawickie

Sunset #3 by Beth Sawickie

Here’s the sunset from a part of the lake where the ice was frozen in ripples along the shoreline:

Frozen Sunset #2 by Beth Sawickie

The color lasted for a long time.

Actual sunset was around 5:15.  I started shooting at 5:23 and my last shot was at 5:44 (below).

Sunset #4 by Beth Sawickie

Most of the color had drained from the sky.  You can still see a bit of that hot pink peaking out from behind the trees towards the left.

I was totally frozen by this point and kinda happy that the show was coming to a close! lol.

Getting to see that marvelous one-of-a-kind live painting in the sky was definitely worth it though!

AND… an added bonus… I accidentally learned a new way to cook rice!  Even though I turned the burner off on the rice half-way through cooking, when I got home it was PERFECTLY cooked!

Later in the evenin,g I created this “Energy Flow Mandala” inspired by tonight’s sunset:

Energy Flow Mandala by Beth Sawickie

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Thank you for joining me on this “virtual” Sunset Stroll.

I hope you enjoyed the video and photos!

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Bare Trees Sunset by Beth Sawickie

Bare Trees Sunset

Bare Trees Sunset by Beth Sawickie

The sun setting over flooded cranberry bogs and canals on a late December day during winter at Whitesbog Village in New Jersey, USA.

This photo is 10th in my 365 Days of Mandalas & Photos Project. I did miss a few days…but I’m keepin’ on movin’ forward 🙂

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This is the same evening that the setting sun was lighting up the sky in my “Sunset of Fire” photo that you can see HERE.

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Sunset of Fire by Beth Sawickie

Sunset of Fire

Sunset of Fire by Beth Sawickie

Tonight I had the good fortune of being out at Whitesbog for sunset.

It was absolutely stunning.

I was down on my knees to get the right line-up for the shot – and I remained there, on my knees, in awe of the beauty unfolding before me.

The color lasted forever and stretched around me covering the sky in pinks and purples.

Even an hour later the sky still had hints of color at the horizon.

This photo is 8th in my 365 Days of Mandalas & Photos Project.

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