Tundra Swan Family in the Snow by Beth Sawickie

Tundra Swan Family in the Snow

Tundra Swan Family in the Snow by Beth Sawickie

During February into March of 2015 we had many VERY cold temps.  So much so that open water for water fowl has been hard to find.

This Tundra Swan family were enjoying the bit of open water at Reeve’s Bog in Brendon T. Byrne State Forest in NJ during a March snow fall.

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Sunset Stroll at Reeve’s Bog – Nov 23rd

It was a nice Sunday evening for taking a sunset stroll at Reeve’s Bog.

Surpisingly, the dog didn’t want to come with us.  Highly unusual.  He was happily eating a rawhide when we left.

We went to Reeve’s Bog hoping to see some Tundra Swans.  Unfortunately, the majority of them were someplace else for the evening.  We saw around 4 adults and 2 babies (they’re smaller and light gray) and our buddy with the broken wing.

Still, there was some nice color to see in the sunset….. oh – and an American Bald Eagle 🙂 I got a pic of him from far away.

Here are some of my photos….

Sunset Stroll at Reeve's Bog Nov 23rd -

The above tree inspired my “Winter Tree Mandala 1

Winter Tree Mandala 1 by Beth Sawickie (1 of 1)-5 sunset-rb-nov23 (1 of 1)-4 sunset-rb-nov23 (1 of 1)-2 sunset-rb-nov23 (1 of 1)

That’s all from this particular evening.

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Early Fall Sunset by Beth Sawickie

Early Fall Sunset

Early Fall Sunset by Beth Sawickie

An early October sunset over an old reservoir for cranberry bogs at Reeve’s bog in Brendan T. Byrne State Forest, New Jersey, USA.

It was comfortably cool out – no numb fingers, noses or toes yet 🙂

If you look on the right side of the photo, a little over half-way up you’ll see a little patch of white.  That is a tundra swan with a broken wing.  She/he has been hanging out here for at least the last two years.  Her friends come back and hang here for the winter.

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