Take Some Weight Off Your Shoulders – Drop the Facade and Be the REAL You!

Be Real -

Being your true self can be scary and the thought of doing so can be faced with “what if’s” – most of which revolve around what others will think.

I’m here to say – screw that!

For me, putting up that public quasi perfect me just causes me angst.  I carry this little weight on my shoulders that over time, feels down right heavy.

I’m throwing that weight away and allowing my figurative wings of truth to unfurl.  Join me!

Ready to be my true self.
Even though it is scary to be vulnerable.
Allowing others to accept me as I am – or not – their choice.
Loving myself by letting go of unrealistic expectations – most of which I put on myself!

I am ready to stop trying to be who I think others want me to be – or what I think is socially acceptable.
‘I am who I am’ said Popeye and that is my new motto!

Some REAL things about me…

  • I sleep in more days than I get up bright an early.  I’m done with beating myself up about this – done with feeling guilty that I “should” get up early.  Besides, I DO often work at night when others are fast asleep.
  • June Cleaver does not live here.  Pretty much the only times I clean are sometimes when I am chatting on the phone with my best friend, a few hours before company arrives or when the stars align and I get the cleaning bug.  My boyfriend has a cleaning routine he does and I am SO grateful for that.  I am done feeling guilty about this – I “should” spend my days cleaning – after all – I do work from home.    My work is just as valuable as anyone elses.  Just because I work from home does not mean that I don’t work.
  • I have bad days.  I’m not always upbeat, I don’t always follow my own advice and sometimes things just suck.  What I have learned is that I need to allow myself these down times… just as long as I pick myself back up again and get back on that “Feel Good Train“.
  • I am overweight – by between 40-50 lbs.  Even though I do the 4-G’s of Feelin’ Good, I still have phases of eating a lot of crap that seems to instantly turn to fat – mostly in my stomach.  I have a definite addiction to sugar that I am working on kicking for good.  I am taking actions to lower my weight, but in the mean time I am wearing clothes that fit my current body and look good!  No more squeezing my rear into too-tight pants and then trying hide the muffin top with a large shirt!

Look for more “REAL” coming through on this blog and in the podcasts.  Of course I want to share with you all the great things that ARE working for me – but I’ll also share the REAL challenges.

Now it is your turn…

Are you ready to be REAL?  Let me know in the comments below!

What weight have you been carrying around that you are going to throw away?