Beth Sawickie's 365 Project

365 Days of Mandalas and Photos & 52 Weeks of Nature Strolls

Beth Sawickie's 365 ProjectHave you heard of these “365 Projects” and “52 Projects”?

I had first heard about them a few years ago and, in fact, started a now-defunct website where my plan was to create 1 mandala a day for a year.

Click It Up A Notch
They recently appeared on my radar again when Courtney Kirkland wrote about it on her Click It Up a Notch photography site.

So, here I go again (on my own….goin’ down the only road I’ve every known….  <— Whitesnake – remember them?)

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I am participating in these Projects by doing the following:

1. Posting 1 (or more) mandalas or photographs on my website each day – starting today – December 21, 2014 – the Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere.

All of my Project 365 images will be found HERE.

You can learn more about my Mandalas HERE.

By the way… if you like the mandala in this post, you can see the full version HERE.

2. Posting 1 (or more) “Nature Strolls” each week for 52 weeks – starting this week.

All of my Project 52 “Nature Strolls” will be found HERE.

You can learn more about my “Nature Strolls” HERE.

3. Sharing my work on social media daily, follow along on…

4.  I’m following a few fellow participants in the Project – hopefully we can encourage each other to keep going!

Here are the one’s I’m following (so far):

I encourage you to do your own 365 Project – whether that be photography, art, journaling or whatever floats your boat!

What are ya doin’ and when are ya startin’?

Tell me about your 365 or 52 Project in the comments below.