February Full Moon

On Friday the 14th I took Soc (the dog) out huntin’ for the sunset.  Due to lots of snow, ice and rain, many of our usual sunset watchin’ spots were inaccessible.  We chased the sunset, stopping at 4 different places and not quite getting to the right spot at the right time.  Most of the color was gone from the sky and we decided to head home.  On the drive back I spotted the moon and wow!  I totally forgot it was a full moon tonight.  Beautiful yellow/pink/orange in color and somewhat large in the sky.  I quickly turned around so I could get to the spot where I took this picture. Purchase prints HERE.Image by Beth Sawickie "February Full Moon"

Three Things Cannot Be Long Hidden

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth” – Buddha

I sat and watched the moon being hidden by the pink clouds – but only for a few moments – it reappeared.

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Crescent Moon at Sunset


I was watching a beautiful sunset that filled the sky with oranges, pinks and some soft wisps of grey. Then I looked a bit to the left and – surprise – this crescent moon was peaking through the pink puffs of clouds.

Prints of this image are available here.
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