Sunrise - Beth Sawickie

Being Grateful for Starting Anew

Sunrise - Beth Sawickie

This is about a journey that sometimes returns to the same place.  I may follow a different trail here or there, but I usually end up re-visiting some of the same spots.  I’ve realized that I really enjoy visiting most of those spots and feel incomplete when I don’t get to visit them and share them with you (nature, photography, my challenges with depression and self-care – what I call Boosting Your Bliss).

Over the last couple of years my website (like me) has gone through a lot of changes.

At one time or another I’ve written about being an online merchant, self-help type stuff, sharing my experience with depression, the importance of self-care, nature, photography, digital art mandalas and created mandalas to color.

I’ve felt that I needed to conform and find ONE thing to focus on and, well, that just DOES NOT work for me.

My life as a whole encompasses many different things – and I find joy and lessons in many of them.  Many even intertwine and inspire the others.

I really believe that one of the gifts of life is sharing your experiences with others (and vice-versa) – lessons learned, struggles had and triumphs won.  It can help others to know that they’re not the only ones out there with these challenges… and that there is hope… and a future.

For me, that encompasses sharing my challenges with depression, how I’ve learned over  20+ years to thrive even though my brain chemistry is wonky, and the things I do to keep myself healthy (self-care) – things that fill my soul and bring me bliss.

Being in nature, doing photography and creating digital art (like mandalas) are 3 things that really bring me great happiness, so I share them with you here.  I invite you to sign up for my newsletter where I’ll share what I’m up to – and what brings me happiness.  I would enjoy hearing what it is that brings YOU happiness (share it in the comments below).

If you just don’t know what you enjoy – maybe everything just seems totally blah! – then perhaps some of the suggestions I have for finding the spark of life will be helpful to you.  Depression has knocked me off my horse, de-railed my train and taken the wind out of my sails a number of times so I’ve created an arsenal of tools to help me get back on track.

One tool that helps me to start finding that spark of life again is a different type of gratitude journal – something I call Grati-Feeling.

I know, believe me I KNOW, when you are feeling miserable it can seem like there is nothing to be grateful for… but there is… even the tiniest thing, like the miracle of breathing – bringing oxygen into your lungs automatically that keeps your body going – what a wonder that is.  Or getting to see a sunset/sunrise.  The photo above is a sunrise that I was able to watch – it was a beautiful gift.

I’ve created a Grati-Feeling Journal – It goes beyond just writing down something you are grateful for, you also FEEL it.  In becoming aware of that feeling you can start to notice more of it in your life.

Go ahead and grab a piece of paper, a notebook or even your cell phone and write down something you are grateful for.

I am grateful for starting anew and allowing myself to return to all of the things that bring me joy.
Then write down how it makes you feel and anything else that comes up.  (happy, blissful, in awe, just better in general?)

I feel great joy, happiness, whole and peaceful.

Sit with that feeling for a while.

Good, very good.

Repeat writing down a Grati-Feeling daily and watch what happens over time.

Now over to you….

Share with me something YOU are grateful for in the comments below.  If you can’t think of anything, let me know and together we can find something to get you started with Grati-Feeling!

I am grateful for you taking the time to read this – it makes me feel good!