Follow Your Intuition Mandala

Intuition Mandala

“I choose to follow my intuition” is what I’ve been saying over the last week or so. I’m learning to pay a little more attention to it….what a beautiful thing!
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Prints and cards of the “Intuition Mandala” are available here.

The Courage to Trust Your Intuition

Thrivin' Thinkin' #10 - Trust My Intuition


I’d Rather Trust My Intuition Than Dwell in Fear and “What Ifs”.

Tonight I had the opportunity to participate in an awesome yoga/meditation class.  There was a theme of courage for the class.  We were to think about what we needed courage for, what we could let in and what we could let go of.  While practicing movements and breathing we inhaled in what we wanted and let go, when we exhaled, of what we didn’t want.

What came up for me was to have the courage to trust my intuition while letting go of doubt and fear.

For me, intuition is that little knowing, that little nudge – it just comes from inside or from my higher self.  When I say ‘higher self’ I mean the part of us that is true, authentic and not bound by all the human nonsense that mucks up our thinking.  Nonsense that often keeps us paralyzed by fear.

My intuition keeps reminding me that I CAN help others by sharing my experience with getting back to loving life after depression. But then, some nonsense mucks up my thinking and lets fear in…. like:

  • That just doesn’t make sense – no one will want to hear that. (Based on my limited scope of what I have personally experienced which is minimal compared to the trillions of experiences and possibilities available to us).
  • No one makes a living doing THAT! (I hear this one usually in response to my desire to help others get back to feeling great, loving life and thriving after they’ve been knocked down by depression or something similar).
  • 9-to-5 till you’re 65 (or 75 or dead) is what I “should” be doing – (This was the norm for everyone around me growing up. Letting go of this old paradigm to create my life as I want it to be has been challenging.)

It’s seriously been like one of those bad repetitive knock-knock jokes…..who’s there?  intuition… intuition who? …  intuition reminding you to follow your calling and help others.  ….  knock-knock…. over and over!

So, ok… I AM listening…. Starting right here, right now I am mustering the courage to trust my intuition.  I am letting go of all that nonsense of doubt and fear.

After all, what is the WORST that could happen by sharing my experience with the goal of helping others?

  • No one reads any of it!  (I know that is not true because YOU are reading this!)
  • People read it but it doesn’t help anyone.  (In reality, there has to be SOMEONE out there that can relate to this – I know I’ve heard from some of you.)

And what is the BEST that could happen from me having the courage to trust my intuition?

  • I connect with others who are where I was – coming out of a depression, wanting to feel better but not knowing where to start.  People who are working on creating balance in their lives. People who are putting themselves first – not as an act of being uncaring towards others – but because they realize that if their well is empty then they will have nothing to give to others.  Taking care of themselves means they can better be there for others.
  • I am able to build a “tribe” of like-minded people who support each other in getting back to feeling great, loving life and thriving!
  • By choosing to take care of myself, I am able to help others even more.
  • I am supported.  The more I move in the direction that my intuition is nudging me towards, the more supported I am.

Now it’s your turn to do some Thrivin’ Thinkin’…

Grab a pen and paper and jot down what comes up for you…

  • Do you allow yourself to trust your intuition?
  • What is one thing that your intuition keeps on reminding you of? (no – it’s not – do the laundry!)
  • What is the WORST that could happen if you followed your intuition on this one thing?
  • What is the BEST that could happen if you followed your intuition on this one thing?
  • Say the BEST does happen….How would you FEEL? What would life be like for you?