Positive Changes - Beth Sawickie

Happiness, Peace, Bliss – It All Begins With You! REALLY!

Positive Changes - Beth Sawickie

As each day goes by my “message” – what I have to share with the world – becomes clearer.

It’s not JUST about being a depression survivor (that was part of the vehicle that got me to where I am now).

It’s not JUST about being an “active participant” in my mental, physical and spiritual health (although that is a HUGE piece of the pie).

And it’s not just about loving nature and capturing it in photos! (that is part of me that re-kindled after I moved from Blah to Bliss!).

It is larger than just doin’ the 4-G’s of Feelin’ Good for myself. (Goin’, Greens, Givin’, Gratitude). (more on that here: )

It is about being part of creating positive change in the WORLD around me by making positive changes WITHIN me.


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It took me A LONG (long – what’s a longer word for long?) long time to truly internalize this. To truly “get” it.

It used to be my automatic reaction to say…. “I’d be happy if……
– he’d change.
– she’d just stop being a PITA!
– if everyone and everything else in the world would just DO what I WANTED THEM TO DO – then all would be well in my world 😉 😛

(and to be perfectly honest… I still DO fall back into this pattern! But now I recognize when I’m in it and I get myself the heck out of it – because I have the tools now! – like the ones I share in “Get Back on the Feel Good Train” – get your free copy here:

Some wise souls advised me to look within, to work on myself.

“Why should I do that?” – I’d say, feeling totally insulted. (** more in a bit about how I got over feeling so darn insulted.)

I’m not the one with the “problem”. It’s him, her, them, the World!

But you see, in pointing fingers at everyone else I was HANDING OVER MY POWER to them.

I was in essence saying that I DID NOT have it within me to be happy.

These other people/situations are what controlled whether or not I could be happy.

I believed that all these other people were the gate-keepers to my happiness.

I made myself a victim of a non-existent enemy.

AND… I made THEM unfairly responsible for my Happiness or Misery.

Ugh… when I think about it now it makes me feel sick.

BUT…I’m thankful to have gone through that because it is in going through the crap that we understand the true lessons we are here to learn – if we open our minds, listen and reflect.

** So… how did I get over the whole “feeling insulted” thing?

Well, I can’t say I “got over it”… what I did was just kinda say F-it.

If he/she/them (whoever I felt needed to change at the time) was going to keep being the way they were – keep MAKING ME unhappy…. well, then, I was just going to ignore that and go do things for myself.

Do whatever I needed to do to help myself feel better. I wasn’t going to hang around being miserable and just wait for them to change and MAKE ME happy.

And when I did that – when I started to change the world WITHIN ME…. that is when the WORLD AROUND ME began to change.

I began generating my OWN HAPPINESS – my own Self-Bliss – from within.

This meant I was less effected by all those things/people/situations that I previously felt were holding my happiness hostage.

They could do what they would do…. it didn’t effect me as much because I wasn’t relying on them to generate happiness for me.

Some of them were positively effected by the changes I made within myself.

My light started shining brighter – and it helped to light them up too!

That same light illuminated parts of me I didn’t know existed. My spark and zest for life returned.

Does that make sense? Let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll explain it in a different way…. because I REALLY want you to at least start to get it.

What my aim is with this whole “Blah to Bliss” movement is to….

Help others over their self-imposed hurdles and help make their journey to Bliss a bit more linear – with not as many stops, u-turns and detours as I took.

Help others become generators of their OWN Happiness – their own Self-Bliss.


Please let me know what your current hurdles are with moving towards Bliss – where you’re stuck – and together we’ll clear a path.

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Sending you lots of good thoughts 🙂

Are you ready for positive changes? Let’s move the world from “Blah to Bliss” starting with ourselves.

Join my community of AWESOME people committed to having a positive impact on the world starting from within 🙂
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The Currency of Time by Beth Sawickie

What Will You Remember?

The Currency of Time by Beth Sawickie

Picture this…

It is many, many moons from now….

You’ve lived a long, long life and it is heading towards it’s natural end.

You’ll be moving on to whatever is/isn’t next.

Vacating the skin suit and bag o’ bones you’ve been embodying and moving out into the ether.

Going to see that “Spirit in the Sky” perhaps.

But before you do… you have the gift of limited time to ponder and reflect on your many years on this planet.

You have LIMITED time to reflect on your life…. what will it be?

  • How that gal cut you off on the way to work in 1997?
  • The unfair late fee you got when you paid your bill at 12:01 am?
  • That heated argument you had with your spouse over you don’t even remember what?
  • The 3rd time when the Barista at the coffee shop got your order wrong?

Or how about… GREAT memories – happy times – things that made you FEEL GOOD.

Things that bring a smile to your face just thinking about them!

Speaking of… have you ever been replaying something funny in your head and you accidentally laugh out loud – in front of other people who think you’ve just totally gone off your rocker?  (no?  me neither – LOL).

What are those things that will bring a smile to your face?

Here are a few of mine:

  • Spending an evening sitting alone on a beach – hearing the waves crash and watching the setting sun light up the sky in brilliant hot pink.  Placing my hands on the cool, damp sand and feeling connected to the energy of the Earth. Breathing in the salty ocean air.
  • Curling up for a nap with my dog and cats on a cool winter’s evening under a warm soft blanket with a cup of hot chocolate.
  • All those times I got to share true happiness, joy and laughter with friends – side-splitting – pee in your pants laughter!
  • The joy of seeing the first flowers of spring.
  • True Jersey Shore pizza (a GIANT slice – from the Sawmill in Seaside).

Just writing about all of those above memories brings me to tears (of true joy).

And then, it hits me – duh!

All that other B.S. doesn’t really matter.  Sure, I can be pissed, upset or angry when it happens.  But then, I need to let it go and move towards things that make me feel good.

We are all living on limited time RIGHT NOW!

None of us is guaranteed tomorrow – no one – no matter how much stature, money or power we have (or don’t have).

Time IS the great equalizer!

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The next time something really ‘gets your goat’….

  • acknowledge it.
  • feel the feeling (anger, disappointment or whatever).
  • ask yourself if it is something you’d choose spend your LIMITED TIME focusing on or talking about.
  • does it make you FEEL good?
  • then LET IT GO!
  • remember those things that make you laugh out loud in a room full of quiet people! and go ahead – Laugh out loud! and move towards something that makes you FEEL GOOD!

What are some of the Feel Good things that you choose to spend your limited time on?  I wanna know – share ’em below 🙂

Happiness Mandala by Beth Sawickie

Happiness Mandala

Happiness Mandala by Beth Sawickie

Happiness!  Who doesn’t want more of that in their life?

The truth….happiness comes from within! Read more about that HERE.

Buy prints and cards of this mandala HERE.

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Self-Bliss. you are responsible for your own happiness.

Cultivate Your OWN Happiness – Self-Bliss

Self-Bliss. you are responsible for your own happiness.

All too often we look for that bliss everywhere else.
In our partners, our children, our jobs.
Our happiness hinges upon every person, thing and circumstance around us – outside of us.
The thing is, though, that happiness – that bliss – is only found inside of us.
It cannot be found, received and sustained from outside sources.

We can cultivate bliss within us.

We can accumulate so much bliss that it comes out of our pours and spills out into the world.
Our excess bliss can have a very positive effect on the world around us.
You see.  It is not “if they did X then I’d be happy”.
It IS “if I cultivate bliss within myself, then I can spread it to the world around me!”.
Cultivate YOUR Self-Bliss with the “From Blah to Bliss” mini-course HERE.
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Life Is A Game – Let’s Start Playing

"Life Is A Game - Let's Start Playing" - www.BethSawickie.comI’m sitting in a waiting room at the doctors and watching the Price is Right. This was one of my favorite game shows growing up. I remember watching it with my Grandparents every day back when Bob Barker was the host. My favorite little game was that yodeling mountain climber one and Plinko (is that what it was called) was pretty neat too.

Back to what I’m watching now…One of the contestants was the closest to guessing the price on some widget. He gets out of “contestant row” and is over joyed, ecstatic even. Now he gets a chance to win an Xbox 360, a 3-D TV and…wait for it…a NEW CAR! All he had to do now is guess prices on other items and these will move a rat along in a race. I kid you not – a Rat Race!

Isn’t that what many of our lives are? Joining the “Rat Race” so we can get all those things…the gaming system, the electronics, a shiney new car…all those wants….get them fulfilled.

The question I have about all this is….
  • Do all these”things” really bring us happiness?
  • Or is it a temporary buzz that quickly fades?
  • Maybe they are the “icing” on the cake – or even the sprinkles!  Things that are very  nice additions, but without the cake they might not be as exciting. (Ok – I ‘ll admit I have eaten JUST icing before and it WAS yummy!)
    • Translate that into – Those are things that ADD TO an already happy life, but do not directly BRING happiness in and of themselves.  At least that is what I have been found to be true for me in my life.
Then I started thinking, if there was a game whose main goal was to be happy…what would it look like (insert the dream-sequence from Wayne’s World here)…

Here is the game I want…

A game where I realize that happiness lies within me.  The ultimate goal is to choose happiness and live a life that supports that.
The prizes would be things like…
  • Clear and calm mind.
  • Strong and flexible body.
  • Energy that is not caffeine induced.
  • Deep, restful sleep.
  • Wake up automatically feeling well rested and looking forward to the day ahead.
  • Laughing – boisterous, side-splitting laughter.
And the little games that would be played are the choices we make on a daily basis, moment to moment.
I want a clear and calm mind what choice could I make to support that?
  • meditate
  • journal to get stuff out of my head
  • talk with a friend
  • yoga
  • take a walk

I want a strong and flexible body, what choices could I make?

  • Move my body everyday – walk, stretch, yoga, exercise DVD…etc.

I want to have natural energy, what choices would support this?

  • Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.
  • Giving up caffeine.
  • Moving my body every day.

I want to sleep well and wake up easily, what choices would support this?

  •  All of the above!
  • Setting up an evening routine that helps me to wind down.

Make the supportive choices and they will lead to the prize – having a well-balanced, enjoyable and happy life!

How about you?
Does this sound like a game you would like to play?
What would be some of the “prizes” you would like to “win”?

I want to know 🙂