From Blah to Bliss by Beth Sawickie

New Book – From Blah to Bliss! – coming September 2014

New book coming out in September 2014.  Available on Amazon Kindle by September 8th!

“From Blah to Bliss! One Woman’s Journey Through Depression to Thriving!” (with tips to get you there too!) – by Beth Sawickie

I am sooo stoked to get this book out into the world.

In it I will share:

  • My journey through depression and bipolar II disorder – from teenage years into my 30’s.  The ups, downs, denial and acceptance.
  • Where I’m at Now – Happy, healthy and forever learning from life.
  • How I got to “Bliss” and how I plan to stay here.
  • The 4-G’s of Feelin’ Good (Goin’, Greens, Givin’, Gratitude)
  • and More!

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From Blah to Bliss by Beth Sawickie

Announcing the “Get Back on the Feel Good Train” book by Beth Sawickie

Learn 4 Simple Strategies for Getting Back on Track after your virtual “train” has been de-railed…

It outlines 4 simple things that you can do each day to “Feel Good” that will help you move from “Blah to Bliss”!

Get Back on the Feel Good Train free ebook -

It’s an action guide to doing the 4-G’s of Feelin’ Good:

Goin’ – Move your body everyday.

Greens – Eat more veggies.

Givin’ – To yourself and others.

Gratitude – Be thankful always.

I started doing these 4 simple things because I am prone to depression.  One of my goals has been to do things for myself that are good for my body, mind and soul on a daily basis.  Problem is – I would keep forgetting to do them!  Or, really, I wasn’t valuing myself enough to put those good things first.  I wanted something SIMPLE….

Something that I could kind of do on auto-pilot on those days when even taking a shower was a major accomplishment.  I don’t always have the time, energy or get-up-and-go to continually follow some strict regimen of any sort.

Get your copy of “Get Back on the Feel Good Train” (included in the free “Blah to Bliss Toolkit”) & e-mail updates! 

You don’t need to be down in the dumps to benefit from the “Get Back on the Feel Good Train: 4 Simple Strategies to Get You Back on Track”.

“Get Back on the Feel Good Train” can be helpful to you if…

  • You feel a bit blah, bummed-out or depressed and you WANT to feel better.
  • You want to re-connect with yourself and figure out who you really are – this is a GREAT starting point!
  • You go through your days like a zombie and would like to find a little bit more in life – but you’re not sure what it is.
  • You are choosing to put YOU first – even if it’s just a few minutes here and there throughout the day.
  • You want to feel good but you just don’t know where to start.  Maybe you’re stuck in an endless loop of negativity like I was from time to time?

I’ve also included journal pages that you can print out to help on your “Feel Good” journey!