Enjoying a Walk at Sunset

One of the things I strive to do every day is to walk – and one of my favorite places to do that is at the old cranberry bogs nearby.

On a mid-June night I took Soc (the dog) out for a nice walk over at Whitesbog Village, NJ.  Here is what we found…

There is NOBODY here!  Such a beautiful place all to ourselves.

The cranberry plants are blooming.  They’ve brought in lots of bee boxes filled with little buzzing pollinators.

There had been rain earlier in the day – the dirt causeways were cool and moist.  I took off my sandals and walked barefoot – soaking up the Earth’s energy – and so did Soc like he always does with his bare paws.

There was a fog at the far end of the bogs that slowly rolled towards us as the sun was setting.  And the pink of the sunset made one of the few clouds in the sky glow beautifully!

As the sun passed below the horizon the birds were still chirping in their nests and the frogs began their evening chorus.

Here is one of the beautiful scenes we saw on our walk:
“Fog Rolling Over the Bogs at Sunset”

Fog Rolling Over Bogs at Sunset by Beth Sawickie

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