Monarch Butterfly #1

Saw this one and only Monarch today at Smithville Park (NJ).

I learned a bunch about Monarchs through my friend Cindy the other day who is passionate about them.  They are almost endangered.  They only lay their eggs on “Milk Weed” (not really a weed) so plant some wherever you can.

Photography Prints

Barnegat Lighthouse Mandala

I like how this one looks like it is created from string.  I started with a photo I took of the Barnegat Lighthouse in New Jersey.  Doug and I took our boat out on Barnegat Bay the other day to get pictures of the lighthouse from the water.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and we ended up speeding back to shore in the rain.  This photo is from a few weeks earlier in August, taken from the park. You can see the original below.

Prints and Cards of this image are available here.

Photography Prints

Here is the original image that this mandala/kaleidoscope was created from: