Jersey Shore Bicycle

I had the pleasure of going “down the shore” again this past weekend.  We wanted to get some more pictures in Asbury Park.  It was a bit chilly – in the 40’s, overcast and barely any sun.  Oh – and a breeze off the ocean – wonderful on a hot summer day, not so fabulous in cool weather!

So we donned our heavy coats and winter gloves and enjoyed walking along the Asbury boardwalk and beach.  Surprisingly, there were other folks out there doing the same – not many taking pictures though.

We did see a few people riding their bicycles along the boardwalk.  An even more familiar site during the summer.  This orange one caught my eye – standing there all by itself as if it was relaxing and taking in the view.
Photo by Beth Sawickie "Jersey Shore Bicycle"

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Asbury Park NJ Carousel Kaleidoscope

A place I enjoy visiting is good ol’ Asbury Park, NJ.  Home of the “Stone Pony”, the Silver Ball Pinball Museum and countless other gems.  One of those special places is what remains of the Carousel House.  The Carousel is long gone, but the “house” remains.

These almost demonic looking heads guard the “house”.  These are what I used to create this kaleidoscope.

Image by Beth Sawickie

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