I Am Thankful – truly I am.

thankful mandala colored in beth sawickie

I live in a somewhat small town and we’re not all that close to anything.  We have a grocery store, some other shops, fast food, gas station.  The usual stuff.

What we didn’t have (up until 1 year ago) was a Yoga Studio !!!

I never expected one to show up.  Granted, I did wish for it and apparently several others did too!

Now we have Yoga in the Pines.

It is so much more than a Studio – it is a place to unwind, re-connect with your body, de-stress, and meet like-minded people from all backgrounds and age groups.

Tonight I got to hang with awesome people as we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Yoga in the Pines.

The owner, Robin, relayed a comment a friend made –  that she is changing lives – and it is true.

The good vibes in the Studio go well beyond it’s walls.  We practice yoga or meditate and we carry those good feelings with us which has a positive effect on everyone we encounter and everything we do throughout the day.

I am thankful to for the Studio, for Robin and having the opportunity to meet others who are into yoga, meditation and the like.

I am also thankful that Robin invited me to share my artwork at Yoga in the Pines alongside other very talented local artists.

Getting to share my work with others is a blessing that fills my soul with joy.

I am thankful.


These feelings of thanks and gratitude inspired me to create the “I Am Thankful” coloring page that you see here.

If you’d like to color one yourself, you’ll find it in the Coloring Page Vault over HERE.

What are you thankful for? Share in the comments below…