Ever Feel Like the Hard Drive in Your Brain Just Crashed?

Image and quote by Beth Sawickie you ever felt as if your brain is a hard drive and somebody just wiped it clean?  The operating system is still there (the basics – breath, pump blood, walk, speak…etc.) But now you need to try to remember which programs and stuff you like to use so you can install them again.  Problem is… you don’t really remember!

That is how I feel each time I come out of a cycle of depression.

While in that depressive state I could find joy in nothing – as if my internal computer has the “blue screen of death” (remember that Windows users?).  Then when coming out of the depressive state I couldn’t remember where to find joy.  For me, it’s never been like flipping a switch and being like- oh – “depression turned off” –  you’re all good and back to “normal” now.


Have you ever been so blah that you couldn’t even remember what it is you would actually enjoy doing let alone anything that would help you to feel better?


You really want to feel better, but what should you do?  What to start with?  Which thing will work best?


Too many choices, possibilities and sometimes too little at the same time – roll over and go back to sleep.


I’ve been there.


What helps me is having a “feel good” plan in place so at least I have some basics covered.  Things that nourish my body, mind and soul.  I wanted to find just a few simple things that I could do when coming out of a depression.  For me, even the simplest of tasks can leave me dumb-founded and frustrated as I’m re-emerging from that dark hole.  So I needed to find somewhat simple things.


Likewise, I wanted something simple that I could stick with all the time – something that could help me stay in that “feelin’ good” place.  I really believe that the more I am able to do things that are good for my body, mind and soul – the less prone I am to falling into that pit of despair we call depression.


For me, that ended up being the “4-G’s” – Goin’, Greens, Gratitude,  and Giving.
Every day I strive to get Goin’ by moving my body.  I eat Greens – smoothies, juices, salads.  Every evening I write down 3 things I am Grateful for from the day.  And every day I look for a way to Give to others.


My ultimate goal is to program these 4-G’s into my “operating system” so they are just part of the normal program – automatic and ingrained in my daily lifestyle.


These “4-G’s” help to nourish my body, mind and spirit.  They help to get me back on track and keep me there.  You can read more about these in my free e-Book “Get Back on the Feel Good Train: 4 Simple Strategies for Getting Back on Track“.


I also find that the more I nourish my body, mind and soul, the better I feel and the more good I have to give to others.

 “The more I nourish my body, mind and soul, the better I FEEL and the more GOOD I have to give to others.”– Beth Sawickie [click here to TWEET THIS!]

How about you?   Have you ever struggled with getting back to “normal” after a depressive episode or similar?  What has helped you?  I want to know 🙂 Leave a comment below…

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