Fall Scene at Whitesbog by Beth Sawickie http://www.BethSawickie.com

Sunset Stroll at Whitesbog (Oct 12th)

This evening sunset was around 6:30pm.  We (Doug, Soc- the dog, and I) left the house around 5:40pm or so and headed to Whitesbog – one of our favorite places to photograph.  Beautiful vistas and also darn close to the house 😉

They’ve been working on harvesting cranberries for the last few weeks.  A few bogs done so far.  One had tons of cranberries floating in it this evening.  Doug walked out to it – if he has a shot of it I’ll insert it here.

Soc and I walked around the perimeter by the trees and pump houses.

I’d like to share with you some of the scenes from our walk…

Colors & Reflections

I love the fall scenery – leaves changing color, grasses turning from green to gold, the reflection of all this color in the water.

Fall Scene at Whitesbog by Beth Sawickie http://www.BethSawickie.com     Fall Scene at Whitesbog Village by Beth Sawickie http://www.bethsawickie.com

In the 2nd picture above, do you see that skeleton tree there (the dead one)?  I see that tree often and each time I visit I hope to spot a hawk or even a bald eagle perched on one of it’s branches.  No luck so far…someday though…someday 🙂

Also notice the spider webs strung across the golden grass at the bottom of the photo.

And if you look at the lily pads on the left side (of the 2nd photo) there is a little blip of white… that is a water lily – one of the very few still floating around there.

Big Green Heavy Equipment

In one spot were parked 4 or 5 different vehicles – digging things, loader things…etc.  All big, green machinery.  Something Doug enjoys getting shots of and I’ll post ’em here if he has some to share.

What I found interesting were the tire/tread tracks that the machinery left behind on the dirt/sand roads.  In this picture you can see the green machinery in the distance along with a pile of sand.

And do you see those 3 lone pitch pine trees in the distance?  You’ll see them appear in other photos of mine.  They look great silhouetted in front of a colorful sunset.
Big Green Tracks by Beth Sawickie http://www.bethsawickie.com/big-green-tracks

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The Pump House

There are several pump houses throughout the bogs here.  To me they look like tiny cabins.  I enjoy having them in my photos.

The scene below showing a “cabin” from this evening started out as a regular ol’ photo.  I wanted to really emphasize the colors and the golden glow from the sun so I played with it a bit.

Autumn at the Bog by Beth Sawickie http://www.BethSawickie.com/autumn-at-the-bog

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And the Sunset

The setting sun didn’t throw much color into the few clouds that were there – still nice to watch though 🙂

In the background of this photo you can see the yellow bulldozer.  That is back at the bog that has all the cranberries floating in it.  Those will most likely be harvested tomorrow.

Whitesbog Sunset Oct. 12th by Beth Sawickie http://www.bethsawickie.com/sunset-walk-at-whitesbog-oct12th

Soc and I continued on walking a bit after the sun sank below the horizon.

The crickets were singing up a storm!  I tried to record them for you with my cell phone – didn’t work.

That’s it for tonight’s Sunset Stroll.  I hope you enjoyed coming along with us 🙂  If you did, please leave a comment below 🙂







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