Sunset Stroll at Reeve’s Bog – Nov 23rd

It was a nice Sunday evening for taking a sunset stroll at Reeve’s Bog.

Surpisingly, the dog didn’t want to come with us.  Highly unusual.  He was happily eating a rawhide when we left.

We went to Reeve’s Bog hoping to see some Tundra Swans.  Unfortunately, the majority of them were someplace else for the evening.  We saw around 4 adults and 2 babies (they’re smaller and light gray) and our buddy with the broken wing.

Still, there was some nice color to see in the sunset….. oh – and an American Bald Eagle 🙂 I got a pic of him from far away.

Here are some of my photos….

Sunset Stroll at Reeve's Bog Nov 23rd -

The above tree inspired my “Winter Tree Mandala 1

Winter Tree Mandala 1 by Beth Sawickie (1 of 1)-5 sunset-rb-nov23 (1 of 1)-4 sunset-rb-nov23 (1 of 1)-2 sunset-rb-nov23 (1 of 1)

That’s all from this particular evening.

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