Spring technically starts on March 21st – and you know what, we had a snow storm. This sunset happened a few days later as Mother Nature was again teasing us with spring-like weather. I viewed this sunset very much WANTING the mild weather to stay with us.

Nature – all of nature – moves along as IT is supposed to.
It follows it’s own natural rhythm.
Much like nature, we can learn to follow that natural rhythm.
Stringent day-to-day schedules don’t fit with our natural state of being.
We force our body, our mind, our spirit to adhere to man’s made up rules an regulations.
And what happens?  As we run on that treadmill we may feel great at first…but then.. at some point we get a rest and we realize there is much more to life.
While running on that treadmill (and actually getting nowhere – nowhere real anyway) life and true living passes us by.
We may WANT for something more, something better.
But it is not the WANTING or the longing that makes it so.
It is trusting – KNOWING – that everything comes in it’s time – in the natural flow of things.
Tune in to the natural rhythm of life.
Sunset Of Wanting by Beth Sawickie

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