Sunset Relax by Beth Sawickie

Sunset – a Daily Reminder to Relax

Sunset Relax by Beth Sawickie http://www.BethSawickie.comSunsets can be a daily reminder to step-back, chill-out and relax.  Plus they’re a beautiful work of art that is different every single day – heck, every few seconds they can change.

I was in the middle of doing work stuff the other evening. Then I looked outside and the sunset was throwing beautiful colors across the clouds. “Bummer – I’m going to miss it – again!”, I thought.

Then, duh! I can CHOOSE to step away for a few minutes and go watch that sunset.  No one was holding me to my desk.

The work I was doing would still be there when I got back – but that beautiful sunset – that EXACT sunset would only be around once.

I am happy I did for many reasons:

  1. I needed a breather. Getting away and clearing my head for a bit helps me to be more productive later on.
  2. I got to see a beautiful heron.  I’ve seen him (or her) before in the same spot.  Last time I wasn’t paying attention and he made me jump!  I startled him and he spread his giant wings and flew away.
  3. Watching the sunset just makes me HAPPY!

Here is the heron:
Heron at Sunset by Beth Sawickie

My only regret was that I did not stay and hang out longer.  I took some great photos and then the light got to the point where I would really need to be using a tripod – and I just don’t “do” tripods.  So… no more pictures for me. After I turned to head home, beautiful pinks and purples started to come out and intensify.  I could’ve stayed to enjoy it even if I wasn’t capturing it on (digital) film.

The next time you look out the window and see that hint of orange, pink or purple in the sky…  take a minute to stop what you are doing, relax and enjoy the unique art forming in front of you – the sunset.

I have a few favorite spots where I watch sunsets – bridge over a lake, cranberry bogs…etc.

Where is YOUR favorite place to watch the sun set?  Share it with me in the comments below…



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