Summer Sunset Mandala (#12)

Created from a picture I took of a sunset in late August when I was “stranded” on an island (not nearly as interesting as it sounds).

Here is the original:


I remember this particular day well.  We were out boating on our little lake and looking for a geocache on a little island.  So we get to the island and the batteries run out on the GPS !!! The dog and I hung out on the island while Doug zipped back to the house to get more batteries.  The boat moves a lot quicker with only 1 person in it.  Soc (the dog) and I hung out on the island watching the sunset.  I took lots of pictures as we watched it sink behind the tree line.  Even with fresh batteries in the GPS we never did find that geocache that evening!

Prints of this particular photo and mandala are not available.
To see photo prints that are available, please Click Here.




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