Spring Energy Mandala 2 by Beth Sawickie

The Story Behind The “Spring Energy Mandala 2”

I love Spring.  Everything comes to life after a cold, dreary winter.

Blooms open in a symphony of scents and colors.

Yellows, purples, blues…

Then reds, pinks, and oranges…

Whites, pastels, neons and every color in between!

The energy of life expressed in vibrant color.

It is that energy that I feel this Mandala conveys well – visually and vibrationally.

Spring Energy Mandala 2 Close-Up by Beth Sawickie

The Creation of “Spring Energy Mandala 2”


Believe it or not, the Spring Splendor Mandala started with an original photo of Purple Lilacs from a trip to Sayen Gardens in Hamilton Square, NJ!

Using Photoshop, Topaz Labs and Fractalius I brought out the detail and energy of the Lilac.

I want to show the energy by adding a sparkle, a glow.

Next I created several Mandalas with this image.  You can see another mandala I created from these Lilacs called “Spring Energy Mandala 1” HERE.

I play with the photo – turning it, flipping it and using different parts to create these mandalas.

I don’t know how long this takes me – I get lost and time is non-existent while the mandalas are unfolding on my screen.

In the image you see 30 mandalas that I created from that one original photo.


I then look through all of them and pick the one that stands out the most to me.  Which one makes my heart flutter when I view it?

Today it was “Lilac Mandala #14” that caught my eye…

Lilac Mandala 14 by Beth Sawikcie

Again, I wanted to bring out the energy so I worked with the image using my favorite tools – Photoshop, Topaz Labs and Fractalius.

The image transformed into this:

Lilac Mandala 14-A by Beth Sawickie

It showed some of the energy, but I wasn’t keen on the outer circle.  So I played some more…

Since I really liked the vibe of the center portion, I made that the focus of this Mandala.

And it morphed into this:

Lilac mandala 14-B by Beth Sawickie

Ah… now this gives me a good feeling.  I feel the vibrant energy of the Spring colors.

But, it seems a bit busy.  I played with the background and ultimately decided to remove it, leaving the main circle in the center that became “Spring Energy Mandala 2”

Spring Energy Mandala 2 by Beth Sawickie

You can purchase prints and gifts featuring Spring Energy Mandala 2 HERE.

About Mandalas

Mandalas are found in various cultures around the world.  People often use them as a focus during meditation.

I started creating them some time ago because I was just drawn to them – the colors, the energy.

They are a way for me to share the beautiful energy I feel when viewing nature.

You can see all of my Mandalas HERE.

What is YOUR favorite thing about Spring?

I want to know!

Share with me your favorite thing about Spring in the comments below.

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