So Hum – I Am

full-moon6poster-mand-fract-square-500wmThis was inspired by the “So Hum” (I Am) meditation.

I decided to participate in the Oprah & Deepak “21 Day Meditation Experience“.  They have run a few of these – all free.  This latest one is focused on desire and destiny.  On day 1 we did the “So Hum” Meditation and pondered the question “who am I?”.  Part of what came up for me was that I (like everyone) am connected to everything – a part of a larger whole. This rings especially true to me when I am in nature.  So, I created this image from a photo showing the moon, sky, trees and plants.

You can purchase prints of this image with the words on it here.

If you prefer, you can purchase it without the words here.

Here is the original photograph that I started with.  It was the “hunter’s moon” on September 19, 2013 taken at Whitesbog Village, NJ.

full-moon1-500wm copy



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