I give a click! Give to charity with the click of your mouse - for free. http://www.BethSawickie.com

Simple Giving With A Click – For Free – with GreaterGood.com

I give a click! Give to charity with the click of your mouse - for free. http://www.BethSawickie.comHere is a simple way to get “Givin'” each day – and it doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes on the web – you’re there surfin’ anyway – right?

What is GreaterGood.com?

GreaterGood.com is a “click to give” site that “give people a simple, quick and easy way to make a difference daily”.

When you click on the “Click Here – It’s Free” button on their site, you are taken to a “thank you” page that has sponsored adds on it.  Those companies pay to have their ads on that page – 100% of those advertising fees (on that thank you page) goes to the charity through their 501(c)3 non-profit (GreaterGood.org)

If you choose to make an additional purchase from that page, then part of the sale also goes to charity.

Plus – there is an option to just straight out donate money.

FYI…I checked ’em out on Snopes here and here.  Their parent company is CharityUSA.com And you can read their Commercial Fundraiser Profile Report filed in the state of Washington here.

Why GreaterGood.com?

Quick and easy way to help 10 different charities in a matter of minutes! – and it is FREE!

10 charities at GreaterGood.com

 A lot of little clicks can really add up….  86,359 cups of food funded in just ONE day!

Greater Good stats

Besides the charitable benefits – they also do have interesting articles on their sites.  I often read the happy tear-jerking stories on the animal site.

How to Use GreaterGood.com

Simple, Simple, Simple.

how to use greater good


greater good thank you

That “thank you” page is where the sponsored ads are that fund the charitable donations.

Click on “See results” to see donation tallies for the day, month and year.

Then just “rinse and repeat”…  click on the next charity and do the same!

Go to www.GreaterGood.com

P.S.  I’m always looking for good ways to get “Givin'” to share with my readers.  If you know of a worthy charity or action that can help bring more good into the world – or to share YOUR “Givin'” story –  please share it with me HERE.






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