‘Shroom Mandala (#2)

This is the 2nd photo mandala I have created.  I’ve improved since the first one 🙂

I have this thing for taking pictures of mushrooms or any type of random fungus growing on stumps or downed trees.  I just get all giddy when I spot a little ‘shroom pushing up out of the ground.

I’ll often be laying on the ground, with my camera peaking at the underside of a mushroom.  I wonder….what would the fairies see as they are walking through the forest and aim to take pictures from their perspective.

Here is the original photo:


Don’t ask me what type of mushroom this was because I have absolutely no idea. I just received a copy of the Complete Mushroom Hunter book which will be helpful for identifying ‘shrooms in the future.  I also look forward to harvesting and eating some of these delightful little fungi once I am comfortable and confident with identifying the poisonous and non-poisonous ones.

Did you know that the study of fungi (that’s what mushrooms fall under) is called Mycology?  I had no clue.  Well, learn something new everyday.  I found the NJ Mycological Association website which looks like it could be right up my alley!



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