"Shell Vortex" by Beth Sawickie www.BethSawickie.com/shell-vortex

Magnificent Shell Vortex

"Shell Vortex" by Beth Sawickie www.BethSawickie.com/shell-vortex

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As I was walking along a beach mid-winter on a blah, gray day I was looking for any bits of color I could find.  What I found were shells full of color virtually leaping off of the sand.  Once I found one, then others popped out at me, then another and another.  Swirls of glorious color bringing sunshine to an otherwise drab day.  Each one kind of drew me in as if being absorbed by a vortex.

What can I learn from this “Magnificent Shell Vortex”?

Even though things might seem gray, dull, blah, boring…sometimes just looking a little closer I can find the colorful, interesting and exciting.  Just like finding that one pop of color from that shell on the beach.  I found that one and then – to my surprise – many more started appearing.  When I focus on the “colorful, interesting and exciting”…then it is easier for me to find (or attract) more of the same 🙂  Likewise, if I choose to just see the overview of gray, dull, blah and boring then that is all I would have seen – I would have totally missed the small but magnificently beautiful gifts at my feet.



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