September Sunset Reflection photo by Beth Sawickie

September Sunset Reflection Photo

September Sunset Reflection photo by Beth Sawickie

Shot this the same night as “September Sky Reflection” at Whitesbog Village in NJ.

The colors were just amazing – plus there were some pinks and purples in the sky behind me too.

I believe this is the place where I ended up getting chiggers on my legs.  They are these little teeny tiny bugs that cause you to itch like crazy for a few weeks if you don’t get them off of you right away.  I “think” I got most of them – we’ll see in a few hours.

Getting to see the sunset from this location was worth the itchin’. 😉

Prints and cards of this image are available here.

I used this image to create my “Autumn Equinox Mandala” – see it here.



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