Seagull Yoga by Beth Sawickie

The Story Behind This “Seagull Yoga” (in September)

It was almost the end of summer and I had not spent any time melting into the warm sand of the beach.

The air was 78 degrees F and the water 75 !  A light breeze, sunny, few clouds and a PERFECT beach day!

I brought my camera with me not knowing what what I’d be photographing.

When I got to the beach there were maybe 20 other people there stretched within 1/2 mile stretch of beach.

After Labor Day all the “Bennies” (slang for out-of-towners) leave and the locals once again come out to enjoy the shore.

I flopped my towel down near a bunch of seagulls that were hanging out and I headed for the warm ocean water.

It was SO, SO nice!  Warm, clear (at least when it was only a few feet deep).

For some silly reason I didn’t wear my bathing suit so I stood there splashing the refreshing salt water on my arms and neck.

The salt water felt very soft.

I headed back up to my tiny towel to just “be” for a while.

Breathing in the ocean air, hearing the waves, feeling the warm sand, enjoying the sun’s rays…… beautiful, perfect, relaxing.

After a bit I opened my eyes and saw that there were still seagulls close by.

I watched them for a bit and then I got out my camera and began taking photos of these beautiful winged creatures.

One thing I love is getting to spend time with the birds, observing them and catching special moments with my camera.

I noticed that the Gulls went through a little cleaning ritual that was often followed by some stretching which often looked like yoga postures!

This is when I got the shot of “Seagull Yoga”.

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