Reflections in the Pines Mandala - Beth Sawickie

The Story Behind The “Reflections of Life”

It was a cold winter’s day in mid-December.  I was walking around Pakim Pond over in Brendon T. Byrne State Forest waiting on sunset.

Sunset didn’t send off much color – but what caught my eye was the reflection of the pine trees in the mirror-like water.

Even on a cold, dreary day with no color in the sky there was still signs of life in the pine trees.

Their needles still held on to life with their green color and the reflective water was there to feed them.

This reminds me that even on the darkest day where it seems there is nothing to look forward to… there are signs of hope if we will only take a minute to open our eyes wide and look for them – they may not be what we were initially looking for or where we were looking –  they may actually be hidden right in front of us.

Detail of the reflections of life mandala from Beth Sawickie

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About Mandalas

Mandalas are found in various cultures around the world.  People often use them as a focus during meditation.

I started creating them some time ago because I was just drawn to them – the colors, the energy.

They are a way for me to share the beautiful energy I feel when viewing nature.

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What is YOUR favorite sign of life out in nature during winter?

I want to know!

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