Prickly Thing – Sweet Gum Tree Seed Pod

Ever step on one of these while walking around barefoot?  ouch!

I was walking around a park with the dog (Soc) in winter and noticed these all over the ground.  My initial concern was that my dog not get any stuck on his paws.  It being the middle of winter I was walking around with my hiking boots on so my “paws” were safe 🙂

So anyways, walking around mid-winter, nothing too terribly exciting to see.  I began looking forward to the flowers that would be popping up in a couple of months.  Then I looked closer at these little “prickly things” and noticed that they are actually quite pretty.  Even in the barren cold of winter, nature provides us with beauty…

Image by Beth Sawickie. "Prickly Thing" www.BethSawickie.comPrints of this image are available here.




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