Pink Swoosh of Clouds photo by Beth Sawickie

Pink Swoosh of Clouds Photo

Pink Swoosh of Clouds photo by Beth Sawickie


I shot this sunset in early September at Whitesbog Village in NJ.  After missing several stellar sunsets, Doug, Soc (da dog) and I headed out to catch this one.

All the bright green areas are usually covered by water – reservoirs for the cranberry bogs in the far distance.  In the winter this is where the tundra swans hang out.

On the top left you can see the tiny moon shining.  Way, way out there, in the center, you can see a teeny tiny pump house with a red roof.

I enjoy combining a nice evening stroll in a beautiful location with taking photos.  Good for the body, good for the soul!  And good for the dog too!  A tired puppy is a good puppy 😉

Prints and cards of Pink Swoosh of Clouds are available here.

I also used this image to create a mandala – see my Pink Purple Blue Mandala here.

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