photo by Beth Sawickie - "A Peaceful Winters Morn"

I had the opportunity to be up and out before sunrise on Wednesday morning.  Wednesday is one of my boyfriends days off of work so we always try to do something fun.  He is big into photography so we usually try and get out to shoot some neat things.  This morning was a nice sunrise over the reservoirs and cranberry bogs of Brendan T. Byrne State Forest in NJ.

It was very calm and peaceful and a brisk 21 degrees F.  Some little birds chirping about here and there.  And the honking of Tundra Swans that were hanging out in a distant bog.

“A Peaceful Winters Morn”

What do you think of when you view this scene?

A Peaceful Winter's Morn by Beth Sawickie - Nature Energy Artist
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