Moving Water at Ricketts Glen, PA by Beth Sawickie

Our Ricketts Glen Adventure

This is from our October 2014 trip to Ricketts Glen in Pennsylvania to catch the beautiful autumn colors surrounding the waterfalls.

In mid-summer 2014 we visited this beautiful area in North Eastern Pennsylvania with 22 waterfalls along a beautiful (and a bit treacherous) trail.  We had seen about half of the falls an we made plans to go back and visit during the fall when the leaves would be at peak color – and so we did.

2 1/2 days visiting the waterfalls and a few other nearby spots – it was wonderful!

And this time we left the dog at home.  Taking him down and up Ganoga Glen was a bit much for him last time – he slept for 2 days!

Come along and join us on our adventure…

By the way, prints are available of many of the photos seen here – please get in touch with me if you’re interested.

The Falls Trail

Ricketts Glen Map Along Trail

We visited all but 2 of the waterfalls (Murray Reynolds and Onondoga) plus 2 other falls outside of the park.

Doug is the waterfall photography enthusiast.  I shoot ’em a bit but pretty much just love looking at them and listening to them.  Photographing waterfalls is best done with a tripod – something I avoid.

Adams Falls

Adams Falls (not seen on the map because it was across Rt. 118) was the first one we visited – and also the last.  We went back on the last day because the shooting conditions were better.  Truth be told, I was exhausted and napped in the car while Doug photographed Adams Falls on the last day.

Here is Doug setting up his Adam Falls shot on the first day:

Setting up Adams Falls shot 1

While he was doing that, I was playing with my macro lens 🙂

Learning how to set the aperture (F Stop) so I get the focus on what I want. I initially had it set a little too low.

Fern near Adams Falls at Ricketts Glen, PAFlower near Adams Falls at Ricketts Glen, PA

These two would have been neat shots IF I had realized my F Stop was too low (5.6)!  – whoops!  I find it very hard to see what my photo looks like on that little screen on the back of the camera.  Hence why I’m happy to be learning how to use my camera better!

Plant near Adams Falls at Ricketts Glen, PA rg-near-adamsfalls-03 (2 of 2)

This ended up being one of my favorites (f8).

Plant near Adams Falls at Ricketts Glen, PA

Hobbit House:

Hobbit House near Adams Falls at Ricketts Glen, PA

There was a little bridge to cross to get to the other side.  To the right, the Evergreen Trail which we did not take.  That would’ve lead us away from the 20+ waterfalls we came to see 🙂

Evergreen Trail near Adams Falls at Ricketts Glen, PA

To the left was this interesting info about the old growth forest and the micro-climate that it creates…

Old Growth Forest near Adams Falls at Ricketts Glen, PA

With Adams Falls photographed, we walked back up the short trail and crossed the road to the other side 🙂

The Glens Natural Area

We hiked up the trail a bit towards “Waters Meet”. This sign explains what this area is:

Sign at Ricketts Glen, PA

Here is some of what we saw along the lower trail:

Lower Trail at Ricketts Glenn, PA

Here’s a shot I took of some moving water (I’m not sure exactly where along the trail this was).

Ricketts Glen, PA 1 by Beth Sawickie

Lower Trail in Fall at Ricketts Glen, PAMushrooms at Ricketts Glen, PA


A scared Birch Tree along the trail. Unfortunately, some folks feel the need to carve their initials everywhere they go – like how a dog pees everywhere.  Unfortunately, these markings leave lasting scars.

Scared Birch Tree at Ricketts Glen, PA

The next day we were up before sunrise and on the trail by 7:30am.  It was a bit gray and we didn’t see another human until mid-day.

We hiked down Ganoga Glen, past Waters Meet to 2 of the waterfalls, then back up Glen Leigh and took the “shortcut” through Midway Crevase back to the parking lot.

7+ hours on the trails with lots of stopping for pictures!

Like I said before, Doug is the waterfall photographer so here are some of his shots (I’ll add more here as he processes more of ’em).

In between I’ll post shots of things that caught my eye along the way.

Kitchen Creek


As we’re walking along the trails I was often looking up at the colorful leaves in the trees…

Looking Up at Ricketts Glen, PALooking Up at Ricketts Glen, PA
I had to remind myself, though, that when my eyes left the path, my feet needed to stop moving – lots of places to take a nasty tumble along this trail.

For instance, there were many parts with stairs like this:

Stairs at Ricketts Glen, PA by Beth Sawickie

Green Log at Ricketts Glen, PA by Beth Sawickie

Everything – EVERYTHING – along and on the trail is damp.  The walls of the canyon seep water, the waterfalls spray a fine mist.

Maple Leaf at Ricketts Glen, PA by Beth Sawickie

Oneida Falls



Here is Doug setting up the waterfall shot that he took of Oneida Falls seen above.Doug Venner at Ricketts Glen, PA 1 by Beth Sawickie

Trees appearing to cling to the canyons edge were common – like this one just above one of the falls.
Holding On at Ricketts Glen, PA by Beth Sawickie

Ganoga Falls

I was SO SO SO nervous when Doug was taking this shot! I believe this is from the top of Ganoga Falls – 93 feet up!
Doug Venner at top of Mohican Falls, Ricketts Glen, PA 1 by Beth Sawickie

And here is a shot of part of Ganoga Falls.  I believe this shows about 3/4 of it.  Doug was shooting from up on the top left by that orange tree.

Mohican Falls, Ricketts Glen, PA 1 by Beth Sawickie

Here is a shot at the base of Ganoga Falls.  Can you spot Doug?

Doug at base of Mohican Falls at Ricketts Glen, PA by Beth Sawickie

Here is another stone staircase at Ricketts Glen:

Staircase at Ricketts Glen, PA by Beth Sawickie

There was always something neat to see when looking down.

Doug took it to the extreme when he stood along the edge of a 40′ drop to get a shot of the Gorge.

Glen Leigh Gorge

Here’s my ‘looking down’ shot, from safely near the ground 🙂 And a “nature scroll”.

Leaves in water at Ricketts Glen, PA by Beth Sawickie Nature Scroll at Ricketts Glen, PA by Beth Sawickie

And some more moving water somewhere along the trail 🙂
Moving Water at Ricketts Glen, PA by Beth Sawickie

We spent a little time hangin’ out with this furry fella…a Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar

Hickory Tussock Caterpillar at Ricketts Glen, PA by Beth Sawickie Tussock Caterpillar 2 at Ricketts Glen, PA by Beth Sawickie

A scene within Glen Leigh…


Glen Leigh Scene 1 at Ricketts Glen by Beth Sawickie

There was a nice somewhat flat stretch to the trail as we headed towards the top of Glen Leigh.  It had a different feel to it.

Glen Leigh Trail 1 at Ricketts Glen by Beth Sawickie

And along this mellow portion of the creek folks built Zen Rock Piles or Cairn…

Cairn Zen Rock Piles at Ricketts Glen by Beth Sawickie

This stretch of trail is a spot that I could definitely hang out at for a while.  Next time I’m gettin’ all zen like and building me a nifty lookin’ pile o’ rocks 🙂 (really – I will!)

Post by Doug Venner.

Dutchman Falls

On our last day we headed out to find Dutchman Falls which is along the Loyalsock trail and creek.

Canyon Vista – World’s End State Park

Here we are at Canyon Vista within World’s End State Park near Forksville, PA.  The drive up had me having flash-backs to driving on switch-backs out West.  And Doug kept mentioning how it was a one-lane road with nowhere to pull over if anyone came down the other way – wonderful! Luckily, Doug is a good driver and we did not see any other vehicles on our trek.Beth and Doug at Canyon Vista, PA

Here’s the view from Canyon Vista.

Canyon Vista, Worlds End State Park, PA by Beth Sawickie

You can see the road to the left of Loyalsock Creek in this photo:

Canyon Vista, Worlds End State Park, PA by Beth Sawickie

We went up there for sunset and it was raining a bit – the sky wasn’t very colorful – until we were down the mountain and driving away and saw a nice pop of orange behind us.

The Dandy

I couldn’t tell you about our trip without mentioning the Dandy 🙂

It’s a gas station and convenience store – much like the WaWa’s we have in NJ.

It was the ONLY place we could find food at 8pm at night.  This was AFTER we had driven up and down a mountain on gravel/dirt roads – in the dark – trying to find an elusive restaurant – the Brass Pelican – out in the middle of nowhere.

Thank God that the Google Map still works on the phone even when there is no cell service!

The Dandy in PAThe Dandy in PA 2

It was truly a wonderful little trip and only 3 hours from home.  There is lots more to explore in that area and I’m sure we’ll be back next year.



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