New Life Mandala by Beth Sawickie

The Story Behind This “New Life Mandala”

This mandala was created from an original photo of a Tulip in my flower bed.

I’ve watched the Spring bulbs arrive in my garden in waves.

First was the Crocus, then Hyacinths, Daffodils and finally… the Tulips!

Spring is really on a roll when the Tulips arrive!  For me, these are the last spring bulbs I have planted.

I scoot my butt around my front walkway shooting pictures of the “New Life” in the flower beds.

Many times my rear is up in the air as I move in for a close-up macro shot of various plants.

I’m sure my neighbors think me a bit odd.  Doug takes flo wer pictures in the front yard too – with a flash – so at least I’m not the only odd one!

The colors of this Tulip really struck me.  When I think of a Tulip I picture a vibrant red one.  This one, has a deep red/purple/magenta color, bright orange, with hints of yellow along the edge of it’s petals.

I love the swoosh of the magenta color.  And the glow of yellow on the petals.

New Life arriving in the garden.  Splashes of beautiful color where once there was stark, cold, bland winter.

New Life Mandala Detail Close-Up by Beth Sawickie

The Creation of “New Life Mandala”

New Life Mandala original Tulip photo by Beth SawickieHere is the original photo I started with.

A close-up macro shot of the beautiful petals of a Tulip growing in my flower bed.

Notice the beautiful swoosh of the magenta color.

The edge of the petal has a soft wave and a hint of yellow.

I wanted to bring out the detail and show the energy I felt when viewing this Tulip.

New Life Mandala original Tulip Tweak 1 by Beth Sawickie Using Photoshop, Topaz Labs and Fractalius I brought out the detail and energy of the Tulip.

It is alive, vibrant and bursting with joy.

Next I created several Mandalas with this image and picked out the one that spoke to me the most to share with you 🙂

About Mandalas

Mandalas are found in various cultures around the world.  People often use them as a focus during meditation.

I started creating them some time ago because I was just drawn to them – the colors, the energy.

They are a way for me to share the beautiful energy I feel when viewing nature.

You can see all of my Mandalas HERE.

What is YOUR favorite Spring flower?

I want to know!

Share with me your favorite flower of Spring in the comments below. How does it make you feel when you see your flower?

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You can see other Mandalas HERE.



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