Nature Stroll – Deep Cut Gardens Greenhouse – March 11th, 2015

Someone on Facebook mentioned this greenhouse at Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, NJ several weeks ago – when it was 25 degrees F and below for long stretches of time.

Greenhouse = warmth, plants, green, color… LIFE!

Deep Cut Gardens Greenhouse - Beth Sawickie

I just “had” to get there!  Problem was…. along with that bitter cold weather came snow, ice and treacherous roads.

This green house was over an hours drive on unfamiliar roads.  So I waited.

I was thrilled to finally make it here!

Here is a Nature Stroll video showing the many occupants of the 80 degree F greenhouse 🙂

There are no chairs in there… but let me tell you, next winter when I’m chilled to the bone… you WILL find me in this greenhouse, possibly sitting on a smuggled-in lounge chair with a nice glass of iced tea and a favorite book 🙂

Green Pink Succulent Glow by Beth Sawickie

Green Pink Succulent Glow buy prints, gifts and cards HERE.

Succulent Glow by Beth Sawickie

Succulent Glow buy prints, gifts and cards HERE.

More Photos to come soon!

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More info about Deep Cut Gardens HERE.

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