Drinking a fresh juice is like flooding your body with liquid sunshine! - Beth Sawickie

In case you didn’t know… I am NOT a Doctor. I’m someone who enjoys juicing and I’m sharing my personal experience with you. ¬†Please consult your own Doctor before doing a Juice Fast.
And, by the way, there are some affiliate links throughout this article to products on Amazon – they are all for products I use (like the poopouri – you’ll have to read on for more info on that). Purchasing items through my affiliate links means you pay the same price for items and I get a small (tiny) amount which helps to support this site – I appreciate your contribution ūüôā

Now on to the good stuff…. the JUICE!

I have been juicing on and off since 2012!  Juicing is GREAT Self-Care!

I was first inspired to start juicing by watching Joe Cross in his movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  I highly recommend watching the movie, it is very inspiring and informative too!

For this particular Juice Fast I followed a 5-Day Juice Challenge created by Joe Cross and the wonderful people at RebootWithJoe.com. ¬†You can find more info on his website and also in the book “Reboot With Joe Juice Diet: Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Feel Amazing!

Some REAL advice on loosing weight with juicing…

This is what I have found to be true for ME

Until I was willing to make better food choices…. the weight would not stay off.

The more micronutrients that I put in my body from fruits and vegetables, the less my cravings are. I’m a “Nutritarian” ala Dr. Fuhrman.

Until I was willing to address just WHY I would reach for crappy food…. the weight would not stay off.

Until I was willing to break old routines (ie. cruising the kitchen and grazing all evening) …. the weight would not stay off.

AND… I HAVE fallen back into bad habits before. ¬†I’ll just have a little bit of this Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream I’d say to myself. ¬†Yeah… well… ¬†suddenly the whole pint is gone – I don’t know how that happened! LOL.

Or I fail to have healthy food readily available and I just reach for anything that is quick and easy (and usually not nutritious at all) Рchips, Tastycakes or Pop Tarts that my boyfriend keeps in the house!  For ME, this leads me into a spiral of sugar, sweet, carb Рround and round consuming empty calories devoid of much nutrition.

Each day I do my best to make healthy choices.

Putting healthy food into my body that is packed with nutrients is GREAT Self-Care!

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Me before starting the 5 day juice fast - Beth Sawickie

What is a Juice Fast?

A juice fast is consuming nothing but fresh fruit and vegetable juices for a set amount of time.  Some folks juice until dinner, some drink nothing but juice, and some Рlike me Рmay juice all day and have a small snack in the evening.

Just to clarify – this does not mean drinking the juices from that long aisle in the grocery store of “no sugar added” – “from concentrate” juices. ¬†These are juices from fruits and veggies that have been put through a machine that separates the pulp from the liquid.

I DID have healthy popcorn for a few evenings during this Juice Fast.

I also had veggie broth, herbal tea and coconut water (I found out I really don’t like coconut water!)

Why do a Juice Fast?

It floods your body with lots of easily absorbed nutrients.  Giving your body all of these good nutrients helps it to function better = you feel better and look better. And yes, it does detox your body.

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Why I chose to juice for 5 days…

            • My main goal with this juicing was not to loose weight – it was to kick the cravings, feel better and boost my energy – which would also have the happy side effect of loosing some weight.
            • I KNEW from previous experience that juicing has helped me in the past to kick cravings, feel much better and loose weight too.
            • It was winter which meant I was feeling blah and reaching for easy comfort foods to eat – mac and cheese from the local Wawa (it’s not even THAT good), chips – anything, quick and easy that I could grab and eat. ¬†Granted… this was punctuated with some healthy food choices… but at least 1/2 of my diet was junk. ¬†And I was going around on the salty-sweet-salty-sweet carousel.
            • I was at my highest weight – AGAIN! ¬†The yo-yo my weight goes through is not good at all. ¬†In the matter of a few months it seems like I can gain 20 lbs.

Primarily I juice to feel good…. everything else are happy side effects.

I feel better, so I move more = exercise = getting in shape.

I kick the sugar cravings and the cravings for fruits and veggies kicks in = I feel better.

I like to say I Juice for Joy!

Prepping for the Juice Fast:

I went shopping for fruits and veggies – lots of ’em. ¬†The Juice Challenge provided a shopping list which was oh so helpful. ¬†The total bill was about $100. ¬†So that’s $20/day or $4 per juice (5 juices per day).

Bowl of Fruits from Juice Fast - Beth Sawickie

I got out my juicer and put away my blender for now.

I also had to make room in the fridge for all this produce! Baskets really helped to keep it organized and free up space for other items.  I kept the apples, oranges, lemons and grapefruit in bowl on the counter.

Day 1 – Juicing Fast Diary

Today’s Juices:

Mean Green Juice – this one is my FAVORITE! Sometimes I’ll add a few carrots and usually heavy on the leafy greens!

Sunny Citrus Beat Juice – YUM! ¬†I didn’t have any Tumeric so I used Ginger instead.

Peach or Pear Pie Juice
I dusted off my old Juiceman Juicer that I bought at Walmart several years ago. ¬†It still runs…but it is worn out and there’s a little piece inside the shoot that is broken and bent. ¬†The dial goes flying off when I switch it to high power and it occasionally doesn’t sound so fabulous.

It’s had a good life, I’m going to look for a replacement juicer.

Day 1 of the 5 day Juice Challenge‬ is almost complete!

I didn’t have my first juice until around 1pm today – Mean Green – yum! That is my usual go to juice so I was happy to see it first on the list.

Next was a juice with beets, grapefruit and ? – I DO NOT like grapefruit and it’s bitterness and aftertaste was not masked in this juice. But I drank it and now anything that comes out of me is red/pink.

Speaking of that…. Been peeing a lot… Then this evening running to the bathroom for other reasons. Yippee.
Poopourri (look for it on Amazon) is your friend during a juice fast!

I’ve also had a bunch of peppermint tea, water and coconut water which I’m not sure if I like it or not.

Juice Fast Day 1 - Done! Beth Sawickie

I did not get to have the last juice of the day and now it is 10pm… Way too late to be having a juice. Some hot herbal tea sounds good though ūüôā

The most difficult time for me today was the evening. Missing dinner then snacking/grazing my way through the evening is what I did up until now.
I watched Downtown Abbey and saw bread on the table… BREAD!!!

On a good note, I did think of a healthy alternatives I could have once the fast is over… Toasted sprout bread with hummus. Then I was thinking of romaine lettuce leaves rolled up with cashew butter… Yum! And popcorn made with coconut oil and some “real salt”.

At least I’m fantasizing about healthy food!
Now I’m watching ” The Joe Show” on the YouTubes to stay inspired to Juice On!

I was surfing Amazon and I FOUND A NEW JUICER!!!

I just bought a Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juicer for under $100 !!(regular retail is $150+) – this is the one Joe uses in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.
It is a remanufactured model whose box has¬†Juice Founts been damaged. Reviews on ’em are great… and Amazon itself (under the seller name “Amazon Warehouse Deals” is actually selling the models with new packaging – NOTE: because the juicer has been re-packed in a new box they are not listed as “New”. Check out the Breville Juicers from “Amazon Warehouse Deals”, click here.

Day 2 – Juicing Fast Diary

Today’s Juices:

Morning Green Glory Juice – Delicious! It tastes like lemonade!

Radiant Antioxi-Orange Juice – This one has yellow bell peppers in it! Another yummy one that I will DEFINITELY make again!

Peach or Pear Pie Juice

I slept well last night and woke up pretty easily this morning. But then I had a headache.
It’s worse than the little headaches I get on and off normally.¬†I’m also kind of feeling a little clammy and slightly nauseous.

I know the solution for this is to drink a whole bunch of water and drink more juice. Here’s my one little problem. I don’t have any juice repaired yet – I feel like crap and I don’t feel like juicing.

I’m going to sip on some hot lemon water with apple cider vinegar and a little bit of cayenne. Then I’m going to have a big giant bottle of water and perhaps some coconut water that has electrolytes in it.

After I’m hydrated I’m going to drag my butt up and make my juices for the day. At some point though, if this headache doesn’t go away, I’m going to end up popping some Advil.

Juice Fast Tip: For anyone that works a regular 9 to 5 job Monday through Friday I would highly suggest starting the 5 day juice fast on a Friday. You’ll make it through the Friday with a little bit of willpower, and then you’ll have Saturday and Sunday to go through any of the detox symptoms. And then you’ll go back to work on Monday the 4th day feeling fabulous.

¬†Change in plans. I ended up feeling severely nauseous and spent some time in the bathroom throwing up. So whatever I had drank in the morning of my hot water with lemon came right out along with a bunch of other liquid that I don’t know where it came from.
NOTE: I felt so ill because I didn’t properly prepare for the juice fast. I know better! I had been eating junk prior and my body was going through a strong detox.
I did not feel well and sipped¬†some water for the rest of the morning into the afternoon and had some ginger tea. It wasn’t until about 5 o’clock where I finally got up and made my first juice.
On a good note, the juice I made is similar to the Mean Green but without the ginger and extra greens. It actually kind of tastes like a green lemonade to me.
So so far I’ve had about half of a serving of the green juice and I’m feeling okay and I’m going to have some more water and we’ll see what I have for the rest of the evening.

So I had both juices for the day… Again I didn’t make it to the last one.

I DID have popcorn while we sat down and watched Star Wars the Clone Wars.

I felt like I needed a little bit more substance of my body especially since I did not have the required amount of juice again for the day and the fact that my stomach was upset earlier that day.

So it was a quarter cup of un-popped popcorn, tablespoon of coconut oil and some Real Salt. It was pretty good.  I made it using a stove top popcorn popper (the links will take you over to Amazon).

I didn’t have any ill effects from eating it and I did have the second half of my second juice

Day 3 – Juicing Fast Diary

Today’s Juices:

Pear Power Juice – this is the first time I’ve used Basil in a juice – quite yummy!
Carrot Apple Ginger Juice – Simple 3 ingredient juice that tastes great ūüôā I like the little kick that the ginger gives to this one.

Peach or Pear Pie Juice¬†– I finally got to have this one today – DELICIOUS – but – it aggravated my gall bladder ūüôĀ
Juice Fast Day 3 - Feeling much better than yesterday! - Beth Sawickie
I woke up feeling refreshed and on my own before my alarm went off.  Up until now, that did NOT happen often!

No major headache ūüôā

I do feel a bit dehydrated still though.

Back of neck/shoulder area feels stiff.

Having water and hot water with lemon and doing yoga.

This is one of my favorite Yoga videos to do in the morning – it is gentle and really helps wake up my body – Click Here to see it.

Felt just a little nauseous after yoga.
Juicing Prep for Day 3 of Juice Fast - Beth Sawickie
Made my juice for the day and felt better after sipping some.
I was going to be out and about today so I packed my juices to bring with me. 3 of them to get me to lunch. Plus water, coconut water and ginger tea.
Juice Fast Day 3 - Juicing On the go - Beth Sawickie

TIP (and maybe more than you want to know!):  When you are doing a juice fast make sure you have your Poopourri spray with you! (find it on Amazon)

Within 2 hours of having my first juice of the day I was making a dash for the bathroom – and I WASN’T at home!

Know WHERE your nearest bathroom is at all times!

I got home and had my 4th juice of the day.  Then I was outside in the 24 degree weather for a while getting pictures of sunset.  It was COLD!

Out in the cold - Beth Sawickie

Once I got home I found it hard to warm up so I had some  herbal tea, then a bunch of veggie broth.  One thing I goofed on is not having low-sodium broth.

I again had some popcorn.

Then I made the final juice for the day (in the NEW Breville Juicer that I got the great price on, by the way).

It had sweet potato in it.  I had never juiced a sweet potato before.  The juice was called Pear/Peach Pie.  And it was yummy.

Shortly after drinking it, though, I began feeling a pain in my gall bladder – uh-oh! ¬†One thing I don’t need is a gall bladder attack.

A quick web search showed that sweet potatoes may aggravate a gall bladder Рwhoops!  I took some pills I had (ox bile РI know, gross Рbut it works) and I felt better.

While that juice was yummy, I won’t be having it again.

On a good note…. The new juicer performed beautifully! ¬†I can’t believe I waited this long to get a new one!

Day 4  РJuicing Fast Diary

Today’s Juices:

Chard Rock Cafe Juice¬†– This has oregano in it – and it was yummy. ¬†It’s less sweet than the others. This is my 2nd favorite juice so far (Mean Green is #1).

Anti-Aging Beet Grape Juice – This was definitely good. ¬†I’m not sure the grapes juiced so well though. ¬†Grapes are on of the fruits I’d prefer to snack on whole.

Peach or Pear Pie Juice¬†– didn’t have this today since it aggravated my gall bladder yesterday.

Day 4 Juice Challenge… Feeling Grrrrreat!

Very peppy, cells in my body are humming.

The first 3 days were so worth it!

Let me know how you feel on Day 4 of YOUR Juice Fast!

Juice Fast Day 4 - Fresh Beet Juice equals red tongue! Beth Sawickie

Juice with beet in it = red tongue!

Making veggie broth with my juice pulp! (Carrots, celery, chard, oregano).

So much fabulous energy.  Not like caffeine energy.  Just a natural feeling abundance of pep.

THIS – this feeling of pep, my body feeling happy – THIS is why I JUICE!

I Juice for Joy!

Day 5 – Juice Fast Diary

Juice Fast Day 5 - feeling fantastic! Beth Sawickie

(that’s the very cool Mandala Cup that my Nieces gave me – Thank you Emilia and Caitlyn!)
Today’s Juices:

Calcium Rich Cucumber Juice – pineapple, celery, cucumber and lime – yum!

Micronutrient Madness Juice – orange, carrot, orange bell pepper, celery, cucumber – another one that isn’t too sweet and is very tasty.

Peach or Pear Pie Juice¬†‚Äď didn‚Äôt have this today since it aggravated my gall bladder¬†the other day.

I had an immense amount of energy today… Seriously bursting with energy!

This is a total 180 from feeling dragged down when I eat too much junk food (besides that initial sugar/carb high).

I’m excited to be eating food tomorrow, but I KNOW that if I grab something really bad, that my body won’t be able to handle it.

Like last time when I broke my fast with a hamburger – horrible choice and I paid for it at 3am with a really painful gallbladder attack.

Anyways… I’ll definitely be having a juice tomorrow, then a smoothie and snacking on fruits and veggies then something yummy for dinner… Steamed veggies with soy/ginger sauce perhaps.

Here’s a photo of the last juice of the day!

Last juice of the juice fast! I will definitely be having more! - Beth Sawickie

In Conclusion…

I am thrilled to have made it through the 5-day Juice Fast.

It was really worth pushing through it.

All of the benefits I expected did happen – more energy, feel great, kicked the junk food and sugar cravings!

Plus, I’m pretty darn sure I lost a few pounds too! ¬†But I did not get on the scale (I don’t have one currently).

What I did notice is that my pants are loose in the waist ūüôā

And, by day 3 the skin on my face started feeling a bit tight.

I want to hear from you!

Have you done a juice fast? What’s your best juicing tip?

Are you thinking about juicing?  What questions do you have about it?

Let me know in the comments below.

And remember….

Juicing is GREAT Self-Care!

Be a Self-Care Star! Treat yourself as EXCELLENT as you treat everyone else! You SO deserve it!


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