My Feel Good Journal – Day 9

Thrivin' Thinkin' - Celebrate today's accomplishments -

Have you had those times when you follow any compliment or accomplishment with “yeah…but…”.  

Wow – I got a lot done today… yeah, but… there’s still laundry sitting in the dryer.

I remembered to have a large salad at lunch…yeah, but… I didn’t walk after dinner.

“You look good in that dress”…yeah, but… I still have ten pounds to loose.

Today was one of those days for me.  I had a lot on my to-do list and I didn’t get to all of it.

I still sell things on Amazon and I was haulin’ ass to get some last minute Easter items sent in that might get there in time.  Luckily Easter comes every year!

I’m also working on building this “Thriving” site.  I’m opening my chest and pouring my heart into this site.  I want it to be bursting with inspiration and ideas that truly help others.

Oh…and Sunday is Easter – and it is at my house!  (no, you’re not invited!  Choose recipes – have to find healthy stuff now that I’m “healthy” – buy food – cram it into the fridge – clean, find places to shove things and clean some more!

So, I could focus on all the crap I didn’t get done = me feeling like crap.  OR – I can be happy that I got a good chunk done.  And next time – I’ll lighten my daily to-do list a bit. 

“I’d rather celebrate today’s accomplishments than beat myself up about what I didn’t do.” ~ Beth Sawickie [Click HERE to TWEET This!]

Here are my 4-G’s for Day 9:

What are “The 4-G’s of Feeling Good”? – find out HERE.

Goin’: Besides moving around boxes of inventory – not much moving – yet!  It has been raining all day here too!

Right after I finish this journal entry I am going to do some “MELTing” – hand treatment, foot treatment and the re-balance exercise.  It is not exercise per say – but it IS something I do to take care of my body so it CAN move well.  It does wonders for my back!

Greens:  My green smoothie actually ended up purple in color!

Broccoli (stems), blackberries (found ’em in the back of the freezer – yay!), almond milk, goji berries, chia seeds, flax seed, maca powder and plant-based protein powder….and added in some psyllium husk.

Givin’:  To myself I gave the gift of celebrating my accomplishments for the day without the “yeah, but…” attached to it!

Shared smiles and chuckles with a few people I bumped into today.


I am grateful for the purple violets blooming in the front flower bed (they just magically appeared!)

I am grateful for the rain which will help the plants, flowers and trees to grow.

I am grateful for the wild salmon I made for dinner.

Making “Feeling Good” choices like these all started with doing the “4-G’s”! I’d love it if you joined me in doing the “4-G’s” – grab your free copy of my book that explains it all “Get Back on the Feel Good Train: 4 Simple Strategies for Getting You Back on Track” HERE. and there’s a printable journal sheet too!

I’d love to hear your 4-G’s…. share ’em below…



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