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My Feel Good Journal – Day 7

Ask for exactly what I want - www.BethSawickie.comToday I practiced asking for exactly what I wanted.  It is amazing what can happen when you are specifically know what you want and ask for it.   If it is meant to be… you get it!  Woo Hoo!

We must be clear and know exactly what we want so we can communicate with others.  Be it our spouses, kids, co-workers or even the Universe.

I don’t know about you – but I can’t read minds and it is just plain silly to act as if others can!

Here are my 4-G’s for Day 7:

What are “The 4-G’s of Feeling Good”? – find out HERE.

Goin’: Soc, Doug and I walked to “Turtle Cove” this afternoon and saw….turtles! Then we walked a bit at sunset too.

I’m usually more active on days that Doug has off – he can not STAND to be at home on his days off!

Here is a pic of the sunset:
Image by Beth Sawickie. Sunset April 13th

Greens:  I totally goofed with this today.  When Doug is home it totally throws off my routine.  Not really a good excuse – but it happens.  

I FORGOT to have my green-ish smoothie today!!  But I did make somewhat healthy choices…

  • Original oatmeal at Dunkin’ with dried fruit.  (I think this is the healthiest, least processed item on the menu – what do you think?)
  • Large green tea with lemon. 
  • 1 cup of coffee with stevia drops and half and half – I was feeling sluggish – probably from not having my greens!  lol.
  • 1 (just 1) slice of plain cheese pizza (good NJ pizza!!!).  Honestly, the crust kinda tasted like cardboard 🙁  But the sauce and cheese were delicious!
  • small handful of raw almonds.

Not too bad.  Tomorrow morning I’m running to the store to get me some KALE… or maybe I’ll try the collard greens I have in a smoothie?? hmm.

Givin’:   I gave myself the gift of communicating specifically and clearly.


I am grateful for awaking without an alarm clock.

I am grateful for getting to see the sun rise as the birds sang a chorus of tunes.

I am grateful for choosing to ask for exactly what I want.

Making “Feeling Good” choices like these all started with doing the “4-G’s”! I’d love it if you joined me in doing the “4-G’s” – grab your free copy of my book that explains it all “Get Back on the Feel Good Train: 4 Simple Strategies for Getting You Back on Track” HERE. and there’s a printable journal sheet too!

I’d love to hear your 4-G’s…. share ’em below…



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