My Feel Good Journal - Day 21 -

My Feel Good Journal – Day 21

My Feel Good Journal - Day 21 -

I’ll be honest and say that typing out these daily journals is getting boring!  Sure, if I wasn’t typing them, I’d be writing them down in my paper journal.  I just didn’t realize how repetitive they can be!  I guess I just stick with what works for me.  I hope you are getting some inspiration from them 🙂

Through typing them I’ve come up with LOTS of ideas for future blog posts.  If you have something you’d like me to talk about on here… please, go to the “Contact” page.

Here are my 4-G’s for Day 21:

What are “The 4-G’s of Feeling Good”? – find out HERE.

Goin’: Walked around a theme park today.

Doug and I have Season Passes to Six Flags Great Adventure.  Today was the first day we went this season.  Walked from one side to the other – lots of walking again today.  Note to self:  wear the pedometer!

Greens:  Antipasto salad from our favorite pizza place – YUM!

Givin’: “click to give”


I am grateful for the adorable cat who keeps tapping me with his paw as I type this.  He wants some “pettins”.

I am grateful for waking up and cuddling in bed on a slow morning.

I am grateful for sunshine, sunshine, sunshine! Did I mention… sunshine!?!

Making “Feeling Good” choices like these all started with doing the “4-G’s”! I’d love it if you joined me in doing the “4-G’s” – grab your free copy of my book that explains it all “Get Back on the Feel Good Train: 4 Simple Strategies for Getting You Back on Track” HERE. and there’s a printable journal sheet too!

I’d love to hear your 4-G’s…. share ’em below…



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